''For Dortmund to Berlin'' was Borussia Dortmund's motto for the 2021 DFB-Pokal final. After victory in the big game, the DFB-Pokal trophy is coming to Dortmund and the BVB fans.

"I thought we were having a meeting, and suddenly the DFB-Pokal was there. I couldn't believe it. Thank you BVB!" Just like Simon Lepping, a footballer from the club DJK Franz Sales Haus, the fans' joy is great at every stop. When do you ever get the chance to see the DFB-Pokal trophy up close? Since last week, the silverware has been touring Dortmund and the surrounding area, providing unforgettable moments wherever it goes.

"As the North-Rhine Westphalian association for sports organisations for people with learning disabilities, based in Dortmund, we of course have particularly close ties with BVB," said Gerhard Stiens, president of Special Olympics NRW. "It's been fantastic to have our athletes surprised with a cup visit during this difficult time."

The trophy will be stopping off at social institutions in particular, including the Theodor-Fliedner-Heim, the Zehnthof residential and meeting centre and the Westfalen Clinic in the first week.

"We are pleased that BVB supports the work of the ADIRA counselling centre with this campaign and thus once again underlines its broad commitment against Antisemitism. We were honoured to have the trophy with us and we congratulate BVB on winning the DFB-Pokal!" said social education worker Micha Neumann.

"Our guests were very happy to have their picture taken with the DFB-Pokal. The enthusiasm of our guests from BVB was great, the photo also transferred a little of the team's success to them. A great team spirit between BVB and the Gast-Haus," said Heinrich Bettenhausen, chairman of the board of the Gast-Haus e.V. Photos were also taken in the Vincenz-von-Paul-Schule, despite the fact mobile phones are not actually allowed. However, the teachers made an exception to allow the children and young people to take a selfie with the trophy.

The cup tour through Dortmund and the surrounding area is expected to last a total of six weeks and is certain to provide many more special photographs. (cr)