Preparations for the first BVB home match with fans in exactly 203 days are well and truly underway. The club is planning to host approximately 10,000 fans at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK for the season opener against Borussia Mönchengladbach on Saturday (kick-off 18:30 CET). 

For weeks now, numerous employees have been meticulously preparing for every eventuality, which means that Borussia Dortmund have been in a position to open the stadium doors to spectators at short notice while at the same time complying with all health and safety regulations.

For the first home match, however, the local health authorities in Dortmund have stipulated that only fans whose place of residence is in Dortmund or North Rhine-Westphalia will be admitted to the match. This is to ensure the best possible tracking in the event of an infection. With this in mind, "hard personalisation" of user data is required. This comprises giving name, address, mobile phone number and e-mail address.

This group of season ticket holders were informed on Wednesday morning about how to obtain tickets. The general rule is: holders of a season ticket can apply for one day ticket, holders of two or more season tickets can apply for a maximum of two day tickets.

If the number of applications exceeds the number of tickets available, these will be raffled off. Tickets will be allocated according to a fair set of criteria. Those who come away empty-handed after the first request will have increased chances for the raffle for the subsequent home matches. This is because requests from fans who have already received tickets can only be considered again once all other season ticket holders who want to attend the home matches have also received tickets. The aim is to ensure that each season ticket holder can attend the same number of matches during the season.

The winners will receive their ticket via "Print@Home" format. A printed copy of the ticket must be presented upon admission on the day of the match. Presenting the ticket on a mobile phone is not sufficient and does not entitle admission. In addition, identification documents must be carried in order to verify the ticket holder's data.

The second-hand ticket market is not available for the match against Borussia Mönchengladbach. Borussia Dortmund will take firm action against any form of ticket trading!

Various "time slots" are printed on the tickets. Personal entrance control will take place in these slots between 17:00 and 18:00 CET. Attendees may enter the stadium at any time between 16:00 and 17:00. Admission is only possible via the following entrance areas:

West stand seating area: north-west entrance area

North stand seating area: north-central entrance area

East stand seating area: north-east entrance area

South stand seating area: south-east entrance area (Schwimmweg)

Borussia Dortmund kindly request that all fans, if possible, make the trip to the stadium on foot or with a private car. There are sufficient metered parking spaces in the vicinity of SIGNAL IDUNA PARK.

The following rules apply before, during and after the match:

  • A minimum distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained from other people at all times.
  • Masks must be worn throughout the entirety of the stadium complex. Masks can only be taken off once at the assigned seat.  
  • Hands must be washed regularly with soap and water and then disinfected. The venue is equipped with sufficient disinfectant dispensers.
  • Turn away from other people when sneezing or coughing and keep the minimum distance. Use a disposable handkerchief and dispose of it after one use in a covered bin. If no handkerchief is available, cough or sneeze with the crook of your arm in front of your mouth and nose and turn away from other people.
  • Physical greeting rituals (such as handshakes and embraces) are not allowed. 
  • BVB urgently recommend that all attendees download the Corona Warn App developed by the Robert Koch Institute. 
  • Only cashless payment is accepted in SIGNAL IDUNA PARK.
  • Spectators should stay in their own seats before and during the game if possible.
  • Circulation areas are not for loitering in.
  • Food and drink should only be consumed in allocated seats.
  • Toilets should be avoided immediately prior to kick-off, during half-time and shortly after the final whistle. 
  • When spectators are returning to their seats, other spectators in the same row must have their backs turned.
  • Touching surfaces such as handles and railings should be avoided.
  • The exit procedure, implemented by the security staff, will take place row by row. The security staff will give instructions as to when seats can be vacated. 
  • Make sure to maintain the minimum distance of 1.5 metres when travelling home - in the car park, on public transport and in narrow walkways.