Julian Weigl was happy to hear the final whistle, while Jadon Sancho was delighted with two goals and three points. Here are more reactions to the 2-1 win over Mainz.

Julian Weigl: ''We were so relieved when the final whistle finally blew. The second half didn't pan out how we imagined it would. We played well in the first half, we could well have even scored another goal. We were able to do exactly that which we'd hoped we would, which was to keep Mainz at bay from our goal as they have a lot of quality going forward. They came out in the second half and put us under a lot more pressure. They took a lot more risks and pressed us higher up the pitch. We weren't able to show the same courage in playing our way out the press as we had done in the first 45 minutes. At the end of the day, we have Roman to thank for the three points - he had a fantastic game. Despite everything, we should take the positives from today: we wanted to pick up the three points, and that's what we did. The pressure's off our shoulders for the time being.''

Jadon Sancho: ''I'm really happy about my two goals. It was really important for the team to get the three points today. We had to bounce back after the heavy defeat last week. We worked really hard in training all week.''

Roman Bürki: ''The fans noticed that things weren't going so smoothly in the last 15 to 20 minutes. There were so many shouts of encouragement from the stands, which really helped us. It's great when the fans support us like that. It means a lot to me when the fans show a player real appreciation. And that doesn't just apply to me, the same goes for any player.''
Transcribed by Christina Reinke