Thomas Delaney frequently missed matches through injury last term. During the summer training camp, he hopes to lay the foundations for a successful season.

Thomas Delaney on his physical condition:
I'm hoping that this season will be a lot better on the health front. It's important that I stay fit for the whole season. I hope that the bad times are over. 

…the team's quality:
It's high. It's also important for the future that the best players stay. Jadon will play for us for at least another season. A team needs time, even if it's already very good to begin with. That was the case at my former club FC Copenhagen as well: in the third year we qualified for the Champions League, because we'd been playing together for three years. That gave us that little bit more. Most of our players have been here three years or longer. It's just the result that's missing. 

…his objectives:
We have a team that can challenge for the title until the end. Unfortunately, there has been one team better than us in the past few years. I have a lot of respect for Bayern Munich because they're very good. 

…the absence of spectators:
You miss the South Stand even while warming up. The spectators create a different atmosphere. It was difficult to begin with. It felt like it was a friendly here in Bad Ragaz, but it was against Schalke. But I also believe it actually should be quite simple: we all started out without spectators. Only our fathers, mothers and perhaps an uncle would watch us. We still play football for the passion and joy it brings. That gets forgotten sometimes. We need make these games fun ourselves.
Transcribed by Christina Reinke

BVB-TV by 1&1: Media round with Thomas Delaney