Numerous visitors are expected in the city and around SIGNAL IDUNA PARK for the final Bundesliga game of the season against Mainz on Saturday. Should BVB win the German Championship, several hundreds of thousands of fans are expected on Saturday. Additional trains and unscheduled stops at the stadium will complement the scheduled transport. The public transport offering will also be increased for Sunday.


Arrival by train:

Coming from the direction of Soest (RB 59), there will be a line closure from Holzwickede starting on Saturday 27/05/2023 due to construction works. A rail replacement service with buses has been set up. The buses will stop at the following stops:

- Dortmund Hbf. – Replacement stop at the North Entrance
- Dortmund Signal-Iduna-Park – Stop at Max-Planck-Gymnasium
- Dortmund-Hörde – Stop at Hörde U
- Dortmund-Aplerbeck – Stop at Aplerbeck Markt
- Dortmund-Sölde – Stop at DO-Sölde Bf
- Holzwickede – Stop at Bahnhof (P+R)
- Unna – Bus platform D

There will be an additional train from Soest stopping at Borgeln, Welver, Hamm, Nordbögge, Kamen, Kamen-Methler, Do.-Kurl and Do.-Scharnhorst: the Eurobahn will depart Soest at 12:18 CET and arrive at Do.-Signal Iduna Park at 13:33 CET.

The Regionalexpress (RE) 57 from the direction of Bestwig (via Meschede, Freienohl, Oeventrop, Arnsberg, Wickede, Fröndenberg) will make unscheduled stops at Do.-Signal Iduna Park at 13:18, 14:18 and 15:18. On the return journey from Do.-Hbf, the RE 57 will make unscheduled stops at Do.-Signal Iduna Park at 13:46 and 14:46.

A new service on offer since December 2022 is the connection from Siegen (via Siegen-Weidenau, Kreuztal, Kirchhundem, Lennestadt-Altenhundem, Lennestadt-Grevenbrück, Finnentrop, Plettenberg, Werdohl, Altena, Letmathe and Witten) with the Intercity (IC) 34 or the RE 34, departing from Siegen at 12:08 and arriving at Do.-Hbf at 13:59 and departing from Siegen at 13:04 and arriving at Do.-Hbf at 14:58. On the IC 34, the local transport tariff applies and the match ticket is therefore valid. The "Deutschland-Ticket" is not valid in the IC 34.

Regular services shall run to Do.-Hbf from the direction of Münster/Coesfeld/Lünen as well as Hamm/Kamen.

Departure by train:

An additional Eurobahn train will depart Do.-Signal Iduna Park for Paderborn at 17:55 (via Do.-Scharnhorst, Do.-Kurl, Kamen-Methler, Kamen, Nordbögge, Hamm, Welver, Borgeln, Soest, Bad Sassendorf, Lippstadt, Dedinghausen, Ehringhausen, Geseke, Salzkotten and Scharmede).

The RE 57 will make unscheduled stops at Do.-Signal Iduna Park at 17:46, 18:46 and 19:46 for the onward journey to Bestwig (Do.-Hörde, Fröndenberg, Wickede, Neheim-Hüsten, Arnsberg, Oeventrop, Freienohl and Meschede).

An additional DB train will depart Do.-Signal Iduna Park for Do.-Hbf at 18:05 (arriving at 18:11) and will continue on at 18:14 via Do.-Kirchderne, Do.-Derne and Preußen towards Lünen (arriving at 18:30 CET).

In addition, regular services towards Schwerte/Iserlohn/Hagen/Lüdenscheid/Bestwig, towards Lünen/Coesfeld/Münster, towards Witten/Plettenberg/Kreuztal/Siegen and towards Kamen/Hamm will run from Do.-Hbf.  

Stadtbahn lines U45, U42, U46

The most important Stadtbahn line towards Signal Iduna Park is the U45 (Fredenbaum – Hbf – Westfalenhallen), which runs at least every five minutes between the "Hauptbahnhof" and "Stadion" stops from about three hours before kick-off. 

SIGNAL IDUNA PARK is also easy to reach with the U42 (Grevel - Schulte-Rödding - Reinoldikirche - Theodor-Fliedner-Heim - Hombruch) and the U46 (Brunnenstraße/Brügmannplatz - Reinoldikirche - Westfalenhallen) Stadtbahn lines. The closest stops to Signal Iduna Park are "Theodor-Fliedner-Heim" (U42) and "Westfalenhallen" (U46).

Should BVB win the Championship, the majority of the spectators will stay in the stadium. DSW21 will deploy additional vehicles on the aforementioned Stadtbahn lines beyond the usual timetable on a flexible basis. However, due to the short notice, these journeys are not included in the electronic timetable information. The transport company recommends that departing fans should use the "Theodor-Fliedner-Heim" stop and the nearby "Westfalenhallen" stop as alternatives to the "Stadion" stop in order to be able to use the regular service there.

Uni Shuttle, bus lines 450, 452, 448

The Uni Shuttle will run as per usual between the University and the stop "Theodor-Fliedner-Heim". Bus line 450 between Kirchhörde and Westfalenhallen will be significantly reinforced by additional vehicles. Furthermore, there will be an additional bus on route 453 ("Löschteich-E-Wagen") from Westfalenhallen to Schüren/Aplerbeck and an additional E-Wagen on route 448 from Barop Parkhaus towards Kruckel.

Provisionally, the Night Express shall run again according to the regular timetable as per usual from 00:15 until around 07:00. Articulated buses will be used on all NE lines from "Reinoldikirche" in order to boost capacity.

Holders of a "Print@Home Ticket" or a "Mobile Ticket" (Apple Wallet) must carry a DSW21 ticket in addition to their match ticket in order to use VRR, WestfalenTarif, VRS, AVV (2nd class) transport on the day of the event. The DSW21 ticket can be ordered free of charge at

Arrival by car

The A45 near Hagen will be closed from 10:00 to 16:00 due to a bridge closure.

The usual car parking facilities will be available around the stadium.

The municipal car parks (C1-C2, E1-E2, F1-F3, D1 and D2) will open at 07:00 on Saturday. The car parks at the Westfalenhallen (A1-A5, A7-A8) will open by 10:00 at the latest.


Should BVB win the title, a Champions' Parade is planned for the city centre on Sunday. The route will start at the Westfalenhütte premises and go via Borsigplatz, Weißenburger Straße and Ost-, Süd-, Hiltrop- and Hoher Wall to the U-Turm. In the event of a Championship celebration, DSW21 will increase capacity and use two-carriage trains on the important U41, U42, U43 and U47 Stadtbahn lines from the start of operations until the end of the event.

During the parade, considerable restrictions should be expected in the direct vicinity of the event from the start of operations until the end of the event (planned for around 19:00). The U44 Stadtbahn line (Marten - Westfalenhütte) would not be able to serve the entire Borsigplatz area from the start of operations onwards. The stops "Westfalenhütte", "Vincenzheim", "Borsigplatz", "Enscheder Straße" and "Geschwister-Scholl-Straße" would have to be cancelled without replacement. Instead, the U44 would additionally call at the U43 stops "Ostentor" and "Lippestraße".

From midday onwards, the U43 and the U44 would at times travel through the "Westentor" Stadtbahn stop without stopping. In that case, it would temporarily be impossible to get on and off there.

Bus routes 412, 452/453, 455/456, 460 and 475 would be diverted within the city centre from the start of operations until the end of the event. The respective lines would not run via the main railway station (North Exit) as per usual, but would make alternative stops in the Kurfürstenstraße/Grüne Straße area. Line 455/456 would end at the "Lüneburger Straße" stop of line 452.

The Airport Express would run from/to "Märkische Straße", where it would be possible to continue to the main station via the U41 or U47. The VKU line S30 would end at the "Schulte Rödding" stop.

The Night Express would run from 00:15 until around 07:00 in the morning. Articulated buses would be deployed on all NE lines from "Reinoldikirche".