Borussia Dortmund will host Sporting Lisbon at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK in the first Champions League home game on Tuesday. Kick-off is at 21:00 CET. A total of 25,000 fans are allowed inside the stadium. We've put together all the important information for you here.

Do I have to carry a printout of my ticket?
Yes! You definitely have to print out your ticket. Showing the PDF document on your mobile phone will not be enough for you to be granted entry into Signal Iduna Park. Your season ticket will also not be enough. The only way to secure entry into the stadium is to how your printed Print@Home ticket.

Can I give my ticket to someone else if I am suddenly unable to attend?
Yes, tickets are not personalised and so can be given to others. The ticket aftermarket is also open until noon CET on matchday and you can put your ticket up for sale there. You can find a new buyer and will receive the price of the ticket in exchange (excluding advance sales fees).

Can I also bring my child with me?
So called "Schoßkarten", which grant free entry to children under the age of seven, are not permitted, as the children would not have a clearly allocated seat.


How will my Covid-19 status be checked?
To ensure safe and efficient checks, all visitors to the stadium are obliged to carry digital proof in the CoronaWarn app or CovPass app with them and present this at the checkpoints using the QR code. Visitors must identify themselves with photo ID. After the check has been performed, visitors will be given a Covid-19 status check wristband. Access to the stadium is only possible with this wristband. Children between the ages of 6 and 18 who are not yet allowed to receive a vaccination or have not yet been vaccinated must bring evidence of a negative test with them. The test must be no longer than 48 hours old at the time the stadium opens for the game.

Where can I find a Covid-19 status checkpoint?
Mobile teams will be located in the following areas, among others::

  • The "Am Westfalenstadion" path
  • Im Rabenloh (behind the "Luftbad" entrance)
  • In front of the BVB-FanWelt
  • In front of Stadion Rote Erde
  • On Turnweg
  • On Schwimmweg/Bolmkerweg
  • In the stadium forecourt
  • In the Luftbad car park
  • On the southern end of the pedestrian bridge across the B1

Can I have my Covid-19 status determined in advance?
Yes, you can do this in the four Dortmund BVB fan shops Thier Galerie, FanWelt, Krone and Königswall between 12:30 and 19:30 CET on matchday. A "drive-in" station will also be set up between 14:00 and 18:00 CET at the entrance to the "Luftbad" car park right next to the entrance from "Am Rabenloh".

Can I use my match ticket to travel on local public transport free of charge?
If you cannot follow our express recommendation of arriving by car (there are over 10,000 paid parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of Signal Iduna Park), by bicycle or on foot and wish to use local public transport, in addition to your digitally sent BVB ticket (Print@Home), for technical reasons, you must obtain a separate ticket for travel from the DSW21 portal free of charge. Buyers will receive more information detailed on this when they receive their tickets. It is also available here. The "Uni Shuttle" will not be available on matchday.

Are there any notes regarding entry to the stadium?
The south-east ("Südost") entrance and the three entrances in the north are linked to certain areas of the stands and certain blocks. Only the entrance stated on your ticket can be used. In addition, 15-minute time slots are marked on the ticket. Stadium visitors must be at the entrance during the stated time slot. The time slots start at 19:30 CET. If you want to take every precaution to avoid as much personal contact as possible, you can make use of our "early bird" option and arrive between 18:30 and 19:30 CET to take your seat early.

What fan items can I bring into the stadium?
Flags will a pole length of up to 1.50m can be brought into the stadium. Fence banners are also permitted as usual. If you have any questions, please contact the fan relations team.

Can I bring my own drinks into the stadium?
No. Bottles and cans, as well as larger bags, cannot be brought into the stadium.

Can I sit next to people I don't know?
The Covid-19 Protection Regulation allows persons from different households who are not related to sit together.

What are the rules in SIGNAL IDUNA PARK?
A face mask, covering the mouth and nose (medical mask or FFP2 mask) must be worn from the time you arrive in the stadium environment. You can only take the mask off once you reach the seat allocated to you on your ticket. This means that food and drink may only be consumed in your own seat. The same applies to smoking. Only children under the age of seven are exempt from the obligation to wear a face mask. Please observe the necessary social distance and wash and disinfect your hands regularly. The kiosks in the stadium will only accept cashless payments.

And finally one important note:

After almost one and a half years of the pandemic, Borussia Dortmund are experiencing great fluctuations in terms of our volunteers. A third of the staff who will be at the stadium on Sunday have only been in the team since the start of this season, so we ask all stadium visitors for their understanding if one or two things are not running quite as smoothly as usual or as expected. Thanks in advance for your patience! (br)