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"We battled our way through"

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The match in Bochum was followed by interviews with goalkeeper Gregor Kobel, sporting director Sebastian Kehl and "Man of the Match" Emre Can, who drew attention to the earthquake disaster.

Edin Terzic (to Sky): "In the first 30 minutes in particular, it was a proper game. We then adapted to the match and the pitch. It became very wild. Ultimately, we scored two nice goals. It's not easy away to VfL Bochum and that's why we're very happy to have gone through."

Sebastian Kehl (to ZDF): "That was the fight that we expected. It was a match that was characterised by a lot of battling and by a lot of tackling. But we could've also made it simpler for ourselves in the first half; we had the chances to do so. Due to the conditions and the way Bochum played, we just couldn't keep our composure. Regarding the penalty, it's definitely debatable whether it was handball. The victory gives us a lot of self-confidence."

Gregor Kobel (in the mixed zone): "Bochum pressed us aggressively and high. We had a plan for how we wanted to play. But Bochum did a top job with their pressing. The 1-0 before the break definitely helped us. We also had several gilt-edged chances beforehand that we didn't take. We didn't shine, but it was a win we'll happily take. We battled our way through."

Emre Can (to Sky): "We embraced the fight. That's all that matters in the cup. It wasn't all beautiful today. We didn't play a good passing game, but still performed well. It was deserved in the end. For my goal, I didn't actually connect all that well with the ball. I wouldn't have shot at goal if I hadn't had a good first touch. When the defender missed the ball, I knew that it had potential. It was a nice goal."

Emre Can (to the international TV channels): "It was a special game for me. My thoughts were with the people in Türkiye and Syria, the countries impacted by the earthquake. There are things that are more important than football. What happened shows that football isn't the most important thing in life."