"It seems to be a weakness of ours to make it tense at the end, especially at home", suggested Mario Götze after the close-run win against Dusseldorf. Here follow more opinions on the match.

Thomas Delaney: "We can't do anything without drama right now. We're failing to exercise control in those moments when we're ahead. My goal was a bit fortunate. Christian laid the ball off at my right foot, which was actually a mistake. I tried to shoot low into the corner, and it worked out. Our stadium is one of the most wonderful places in the world. There are always 81,000 people there who make for a fantastic atmosphere. That means it's easier for us and more difficult for our opponent, which helps a lot. We really hope we'll win the title, but we need to be confident and then we'll see what happens. It won't be easy for Bayern; I hope it will be really tough for them."

Mario Götze: "It was dramatic again towards the end of the match. It seems to be a weakness of ours to make it tense at the end, especially at home. It didn't need to be that way given they were a man down and we were 3-1 up. Nonetheless, that's what sport's like. It's also important that we give everything in the next game. We never give up. It was difficult today against an opponent who stood deep. We still managed to create chances for ourselves and stayed focused. It was a great strength of ours this season to be able to win the tight games as well. That is a sign of quality."

Christian Pulisic: "Today is a perfect day. It was a very emotional day for me. It was difficult ahead of the match of course, but then it became easier as the game progressed and obviously it was great for me to get a goal. The ball fell to Thomas perfectly at the back post, and then he cut it back for me. I simply couldn't miss from that position. We can only focus on ourselves again next week. We keep our belief. If we win, then we've got a chance. It depends on Bayern's result, but hopefully we'll do it."

Transcribed by Timo Lammert