The players were tired but happy as they fielded questions from the Sky reporters following the 2-1 win over Schalke. "It was a high-intensity derby with lots of challenges," said a delighted Thomas Delaney of his first derby victory. Here are the initial reactions.

Marco Reus: "The fixture pile-up is very demanding. The derby always has its own script. Everyone could sense the tension in the build-up. We haven't won here for a long time. We deserved the victory because we dominated the game for 90 minutes. We sort of let it get to us after conceding the goal, Schalke played some strange football at that point. If we'd gone 3-1 ahead, it would've been all over. The team has outstanding mentality. We always think positive. We also make mistakes, but that's part of sport and we need to put them behind us. We need to trust what the coach tells us. The second goal from Jadon and Rapha was very nicely created, that was from the training ground."

Thomas Delaney: "I'm tired, but it's pretty awesome. That was a hard match. Not so spectacular, but it was a high-intensity derby with lots of challenges."
Recorded by Christina Reinke

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