The coach, sporting director and players all spoke after the match. "It was a really nice game, on the pitch and in the stands," said Julian Brandt. The match reactions.

Edin Terzic (at the press conference): From the beginning, we took control of the match, were very dominant and managed not to give away a corner throughout the entire game – knowing that it's one of Freiburg's weapons. The game was changed somewhat by the red card. There was a period between the 30th and 45th minutes we didn't like at all, our play was too passive at that point. We produced a really good performance in the second half. It was almost perfect because we were really good in terms of positional play, passing and speeding the game up. We liked the fact that we know what we're capable of. We need to continue in exactly that vein in our next matches."

Sebastian Kehl (to Sky): "We were dominant even before the red card and deservedly won by this margin. The team has settled into a good rhythm. We're playing very maturely and we're finding ourselves now. It's good we're on the right track; there are important games coming up. And we were all happy for Sebastien. He's been working towards this day for a long time, it's a big weight off his shoulders, we're all excited and overjoyed. He's capable of playing even better when he discovers his old rhythm. But the goal will help with that, of course."

Julian Brandt (to BVB-TV): "It was a very nice game, on the pitch and in the stands. It was an extremely good atmosphere. The red card played into our hands but does not change the fact that we came out with big ambitions. You could see that we absolutely wanted to win even when we both still had the same number of players. It was unbelievable how loudly the stadium called out Sébastien Haller's name after the goal. A goosebumps moment, not just for Seb. The goal for 3-1 put us into the comfortable position where we could express ourselves."

Karim Adeyemi (to BVB-TV): "It was a very intense match. It was good for us that Freiburg got the red card so quickly. We were unlucky to concede the goal from their first shot at goal on the stroke of half-time. At the beginning of the second half, we immediately showed that we were there and that we wanted to get the win."

Nico Schlotterbeck (to BVB-TV); "Red card, 11 vs. 10, different game: we played really well in the second half – especially going forward – and deservedly scored five goals too. Now I'm looking forward to the game against Bochum."