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"We're still in every competition"

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Sebastian Kehl shared his view of the cup tie in Bochum and also turned his attention to the tasks ahead.

Sebastian Kehl: "That was the fight that we expected. We knew that it would be difficult. The atmosphere here is always really good. It was a match that was characterised by a lot of battling and by a lot of tackling. But we could've also made it simpler for ourselves in the first half; we had the chances to do so. Due to the conditions and the way Bochum played, we just couldn't keep our composure. Regarding the penalty, it's definitely debatable whether it was handball. The arm is bent and Jamie turns away a bit. I don't think that's a penalty. The referee took a long time to decide. He didn't have to give it. The win gives us a lot of confidence. Now we have the next exciting challenges coming up against Bremen and Chelsea. We're still in every competition; we're a force to be reckoned with."