Sebastian Kehl secured the win over SC Freiburg with a fantastic 25-yard effort. In a post-game interview the BVB skipper tells the story behind the goal, and how important the three points are for Borussia Dortmund.

Sebastian, congratulations on your first goal this season that secured victory. How did the goal come about?

Of course it also takes some luck, but I knew that Oliver Baumann is a goalkeeper who likes to come off his line, and he did that a couple of times today. So when the opportunity came, I let fly and the ball flew just perfectly and really became unstoppable for Baumann. On the one hand, I was of course happy about this goal. But on the other hand I hope that it won’t make the difference for Freiburg at the end of the season as I still have a lot of sympathy for this club.

How would you rate the team's performance?

It was a scrappy affair and not an easy game for us, and surely not nice to watch. But Freiburg really made life difficult for us. It was important to score the opening goal as we got more space, though we should have taken better advantage of it towards the end of the match.

How important was it for the team to get their “teeth” into the game?

We didn’t want to make the same mistakes we did against Hamburg, so it was very important. We have already earned a lot of points in the second half of the season, we are in the DFB Cup semi-finals and we are also doing well in the Champions League. So we can be very happy.

How important are the three points for the team?

The three points are good for our spirits. It was a weekend where a lot went in our favour. We want to pull away further from the rest of the teams, so we are very, very happy about the win.