''From Borusse to Borusse'' is the YouTube video series in which the Black & Yellow faithful have the opportunity to put their questions to the BVB players. In this edition, it's midfield ace Thomas Delaney's turn to answer a small selection of the over 1,000 questions sent in by our fans. Thanks for getting involved.

Fynn Klasen: ''How did it feel to score in the derby?''

Thomas Delaney: ''Of course it was great scoring my first goal in the derby. One of the first things you notice here is how much the derby means to people in the city. It was really cool.''

Nollinolli nolli: ''Would you rather prevent the opposition from scoring or score a goal yourself?''

Delaney: ''You have to score goals if you want to win games. Having said that, preventing a goal can prove really important too.''

Bvb 4-Life: ''Who's faster: you or Axel?''

Delaney: ''Oh, we're both pretty slow (laughs). Axel is probably faster over 100 metres, but I reckon I'm quicker out the blocks.''

DerBorussia Dortmund: ''Do you and Jacob speak Danish in training?''

Delaney: ''We have a really international squad. A lot of the boys speak French, the coach too. So there's no problem in communicating in a language that isn't German. We all speak a lot of both German and English together. For Jacob and me, of course it's sometimes easier to just talk to one another in Danish.''

Talhavor: ''Who is your idol?''

Delaney: ''Gattuso and Pirlo were always idols of mine. Pirlo was brilliant technically and had a lot to offer going forward, while Gattuso was a real fighter. Those are all qualities which I really value.''

Kevin allein im Garten: ''What would you have done if becoming a footballer hadn't worked out?

Delaney: ''My biggest dream was Formula 1. But apart from that, I always just said to myself: 'I'm going to give this football thing a go and see what happens'.''

Justinseine PIZZA: ''Messi or Ronaldo?''

Delaney:''I think Messi is the better player. I prefer watching his matches. But Cristiano is always there for the big moments - he's won multiple Champions Leagues and a European championship. I have so much respect for Ronaldo. He's an absolute beast.''

P.N.: ''Which position did you play at the start of your career?''

Delaney: ''Back when we used to play seven-a-side I would play everywhere on the park. I then started playing on the left of midfield, but I wasn't really fast or skillful enough so I ended up dropping back into defensive midfield.''

Stepzoriginal: ''Did you find learning German difficult?''

Delaney: ''I was really quick in understanding the language, but at the moment I'm finding it hard to keep improving my German.''