Yesterday, a terrifying moment in a friendly game against St. Pauli F.C., as his lower jaw collided with the back of Sebastian Rode's head; today, nominated to participate in the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Sven Bender is really looking forward to the tournament: "It's a one off chance! This is going to be huge!"

What was the diagnosis as you came back to the team's quarters yesterday evening from the hospital?
"Apart from a little pain and the fact that I'll be eating pureed vegetables for a bit, everything is fine. They were able to rule out a fracture after examining me."

You are in the squad for the Olympic Games together with Matthias Ginter and your twin-brother Lars. How great is the thrill of anticipation prior to this event?
"Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to participate in a large tournament with the national team so far in my career. When I heard about the call-up for the Olympic Games, I was really happy, and after I had heard that my brother was going too, I felt even better. It's a great story! It definitely cannot have been easy for the DFB to put together the right squad, since it was complicated to get players. I am really happy, and I can not wait to take part in this tournament. This is going to be huge!"

What are your targets for Rio?
"When you are going to such a tournament, you at least want to be there until the final stages. You often only get the chance to play at the Olympic Games as a footballer once in a lifetime. I have spoken with Lars on the phone, and we are in agreement: We will do everything we can to get as far as possible. This is a one off chance; therefore, we should give everything we have got..."
Interview: Boris Rupert