The BVB Foundation is providing €8,000 to help kit out the new media competence area of the help and hope foundation at Gut Königsmühle. In the future, the media education module "Be Digital" will be offered there for school classes, kindergartens, clubs and anyone interested in learning. Thanks to the donation, new iPads, matching stylus pens and protective covers, as well as a charging cabinet have already been purchased.

At Gut Königsmühle, young people will be introduced to the increasingly important topic of media competence – above all, how media can be used sensibly, instead of merely consuming it passively. "leuchte auf's Maike Vollmer and Marieke Köhler were able to see the new media competence area first-hand during a visit to the site. The pair then handed over the symbolic cheque to Sandra Heller and Jana Pilgrim from the help and hope foundation.


The help and hope foundation is a non-profit foundation under civil law based in Dortmund. It was founded in 2005. The foundation's vision is to have a positive impact on the lives of young people. It supports children and young adults in their personal development, regardless of their life situation. In Gut Königsmühle, the foundation has created a place for people to learn and experience new things and somewhere where these ideas can become reality before the young people's eyes. The educational offers are always geared toward the social needs of the location.

The help and hope foundation is funded by donations. This enables it to react dynamically and quickly to changing needs without having to cut through red tape. In addition, it maintains a regional network that pools competencies to create synergies. Sandra Heller (chairman), Gerhard Gotthard (deputy chairman), Markus Meier (member) and Christoph Schubert (member) are the members of the Board.

More details about the help and hope foundation can be found here.

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