Registering / Login

A ticket holder (original buyer) logs in at the BVB TocketShop (“Log in”) using his / her personal login data.

Where can I find my login data?

In case of login problems please send an e-mail to:

When can I offer a ticket for a match?

Borussia Dortmund will open the second market, if a large portion of day tickets available have been sold, i.e. a few days after the official day ticket pre-sale date. For further information see

How can I offer my ticket on the second market?

A ticket holder (original buyer) logs in at the BVB TocketShop (“Log in”) using his personal login data. Note: Tickets must have been bought directly from Broussia Dortmund on the basis of your customer data. As soon as the second market is opened by BVB you can see the seats for the respective match (My Account). Then a ticket can be released for resale for the match (use single seat control). As soon as the control  is used please give your bank data for a subsequent credit note. If your bank data are recorded correctly, an offer may be published.

At that time a ticket is available at BVB TicketShop and can be bought as a day ticket. As soon as there is a person buying a ticket the original buyer will receive an e-mail saying that a ticket was sold successfully. At that time an offer can no longer be withdrawn. Borussia Dortmund will automatically transfer the sales proceeds to the bank account designated by you. This may take up to 14 days. A part or the full amount may be donated to the BVB Stiftung “Leuchte auf”. The sum donated will be doubled by Borussia Dortmund so the foundation will get a larger sum.

How can I withdraw an offer ?

An offer can be withdrawn as long as the ticket offered hasn’t been booked and/or sold. As soon as a ticket is sold successfully you will receive an e-mail saying that there is a new buyer. Your ticket for this single match will be cancelled / become invalid.

Which tickets can be offered?

Season or day ticket holders can offer tickets via BVB TicketShop, if they can’t / don’t want to use a ticket.

Tickets must have been bought using your BVB customer data. You should know them to login.

Tickets of the guest section, free tickets, VIP tickets and standing tickets (blocks 12 and 13) can’t be offered.

When do I get a credit in case my ticket was sold successfully?

The amount will be credited two weeks after a sale at the latest.

How do I know that my ticket was (not) sold?

If a ticket is sold, a seller will receive an e-mail.

I would like to sell my friends’ season tickets using my account. I’m not the original buyer. Can I offer tickets anyway?

Each ticket holder can only offer his/her own seat for sale. Hence each ticket holder needs his / her own login / account including login data.

I am holding season tickets used by a company’s / supporters’ club. How can I log in?

Please contact your administrator or the person authorized to buy season tickets on behalf of your company / supporters’ club.

I want to log in but there is the following error message” E-mail address already used”

Your profile seems to exist. Maybe family members use your e-mail address as login. Please use another e-mail address or use the user name upon initial login. If you have forgotten the password you can ask for a new one in the login area. If you don’t know your user name, please contact

I don’t have access to the Internet / I have no e-mail address. How can I sell my season / day ticket for a single match?

Regrettably, there is no chance. Tickets bought can only be sold on-line via BVB TicketShop. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Up to what point before a match can I offer a ticket at BVB TicketShop?

Tickets can be offered at BVB TicketShop until four hours prior to a match.

Can I sell a print@home ticket at BVB TicketShop?

A print@home ticket can be offered at BVB TicketShop.

Due to a customer ban I don’t have access to my account

There may be different reasons for that.  Please contact

What amount will be credited if my ticket is sold via BVB TicketShop?

Season ticket holders will be credited a proportional season ticket price per match. In case of day tickets that are re-offered, the day ticket price will be refunded (no pre-sales fee).

Can I contact other sellers to sell my tickets?

According to our General Terms and Conditions (§ 6, par. 3, in particular) a commercial resale is prohibited. Please offer your tickets via BVB TicketShop.

Can away tickets also be sold or bought?

BVB TicketShop can only be used for home matches.

How do I know that a ticket’s wasn’t sold?

If your ticket isn’t sold, you will receive an e-mail four hours before a match begins. If so, your ticket continues to be valid for the match day. Go to My Account at the BVB TicketShop site to see if your ticket was sold.  Here you can also withdraw your offer. If so, your ticket continues to be valid for the match day.