Depending on availability, ticket price reductions are available in certain areas and for the following people:

Severely disabled persons – Seating in the front sections, standing places if available

Visually impaired persons – Seating in block 5 including an accompanying person

Hearing impaired persons – Block 50

Wheelchair users including an accompanying person – Block 3 and block 6

Children under 15 years of age – REWE family block (block 64 + 65)

Youths under 18 years of age – Standing places (if available) as well as reduced-price seating (maximum of 500 places per match) in the South East corner

What is the reason for the purchase of a reduced-price ticket? We ask you to understand that we will need to examine the circumstances and require a copy of your ID for this purpose. Obviously, it is also possible to order reduced-price tickets for matches in writing. Please note that in this case we also need a copy of your ID which indicates the reason for the purchase of a reduced-price ticket.