If you are a season ticket holder, you will be contacted at the end of each season regarding the renewal and/or change of your season ticket arrangement. If you do not wish to renew your current places for the upcoming season, you must cancel these places. Otherwise the season ticket arrangement will simply be automatically renewed for a further season.

BVB season tickets are in high demand (55,000 have been issued for the current campaign) and are always issued for an entire season. You can request to be placed on the waiting list for a BVB season ticket (subject to registration; waiting list forms in Germany, only) at any time. We will then contact you as soon as we are able to make you an offer that is in line with your requirements.

In the event that you want to transfer your season ticket allocations, please print out this declaration of assignment and follow the steps outlined therein.

If you lose your season ticket during the season, we are happy to issue you a new season ticket. We will then block the original and the new season ticket will be issued with a new bar code. We will then charge you a processing fee of €25, the full sum of which we will then pass on to our "light up" foundation at the end of each individual season. It is only possible to issue a new season ticket during our opening hours and on site. Is not possible to send out a replacement season ticket.

Exception: Replacement season tickets are not issued for standing blocks 12 and 13. Here, an alternative block is allocated to you for the remainder of the season. At the end of the season, you will receive an offer to renew your season ticket for standing blocks 12 and 13.