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Further information about match tickets

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Following the announcement of the revised match ticket sales process, we have received a few questions about the reasons behind the changes and the new procedure. We have summarised the most common questions and answers for you.

Why have we switched to the new draw system?
After continued criticism of the ticket hotline, primarily due to its lack of flexibility and fairness in terms of timing, we developed a plan some time ago to change the match ticket system. So during the games played in front of a limited number of fans in the stadium, the online shop was introduced as the only sales channel. This too was met with criticism. This time, it was directed at the "first come, first served" principle, i.e. being bound by a certain starting time for advance sales. So the draw system was developed in consultation with fan representatives, and it emphasises fairness and transparency. 

We hope that this will help out the BVB fans who are unable to order tickets as quickly as possible at a given time for technical or scheduling reasons. Apart from the preference given to BVB members, this should give all BVB fans the same chances of getting a ticket. This equality of opportunity has not always existed in the past, for example for some professionals, schoolchildren, students or for people who need a little extra technical support.

In the revised process, there is also the advantage that the requests no longer come all at once, but rather are spread over a period of time, eliminating the short-term technical limitations that existed in the past. 

Can the draw be held to announce the winners and losers earlier so fans can make their plans far enough in advance?
Yes. The aim is to hold the draws so far in advance of the respective home games that the winners and losers are announced early, giving all BVB fans plenty of time to make their plans. In the past, that time was about four weeks before the respective home game. However, the draws will never be held before the DFL has finalised the time and date of the game, as this will also help all BVB fans to plan appropriately. Due to the technical changes that were required, however, we were unfortunately not able to start the draw for the game against Bayer Leverkusen earlier. The "two to three weeks before the respective match date" stated in the announcement tends to be the latest possible date, but in most cases the draw will still take place four weeks before the game. The respective registration period will be displayed directly on the ticket request.

I am a BVB member. Does the new system now put me at a disadvantage?
No. As in previous years, members will receive preferential treatment, as initially only requests from members will be entered into the draw. Only if there are still tickets left in individual categories after the members' requests have been fulfilled will the draw be held to include the non-members who have requested tickets. If all requests have been fulfilled and there are still tickets available, they will be placed on the online shop, where you will be able to see the individual seats, just as you can in the secondary ticket market.

Why is it no longer possible to choose my desired seats in the online shop?
Unfortunately, the draw system means that it is no longer possible to choose exact seats. You will only be able to select your desired categories, as was the case with the former ticket hotline. Allowing fans to choose their desired categories is the most sensible approach. An exact choice of seats in the online shop would only be possible if tickets were allocated on a "first come, first served" principle. As stated in answer 1, that system is not suitable as it has too many drawbacks. 

Do I have to specify more than one category?
No, it is possible to choose only one category. However, if you only select one category, should all of the tickets in your chosen category sell out, you will not have a chance of getting tickets in an alternative category. By contrast, fans who have specified more than one category will still have the chance to get a ticket if they don't manage to get one in their first category. Of course, you should only select the categories in which you would actually want to get a ticket. If you manage to get tickets in your first chosen category, you will not be allocated any tickets in any alternative categories you have selected. 

Why can I only order 4 tickets per home game?
The maximum number of four tickets should enable as many fans as possible to get tickets in the event of high demand. This number was already in use even before the games were played in front of a limited number of spectators. If the number were higher, more fans would be left empty-handed. In order to enable group travel in future, where more than four people can sit together, group offers will be available for individual home games. Information about these offers will be provided across the various BVB channels in good time in advance.

Which games are the top games?
In the Bundesliga, the top games are, as usual, the two home games against Schalke and Bayern. Fans will only be able to request 2 tickets each for these games in order to allow  as many fans as possible to get tickets for the two games with the highest demand. Again, the number of tickets available for top games has not changed from the old system. 

Do I really have to take the ticket if I am allocated it in the draw?
Yes, a request becomes a binding purchase if you are allocated a ticket. You can delete your request before the deadline for the respective game, but after that deadline has passed, you will not be able to do so. If you are allocated a ticket in the draw, digital reservations allow you to choose the method and time of payment yourself. If you do not redeem the reservation before the payment deadline, the funds will automatically be debited from your bank account by direct debit and the tickets will be sent to you digitally. 

What do I do if I can't make it to the game?
For fans who are unable to make a game at short notice, the secondary ticket sales market will be available once the draw has been made. As in the past, this applies to all season ticket holders and those who have purchased match tickets.