For the 2022/2023 season, Borussia Dortmund will be offering all tickets in a digital as well as a physical format. We would like to provide the following information on pricing for the new season and the ticketing process, which has been planned in recent weeks in close consultation with representatives from the fan council.

Season tickets

  • The season ticket outreach letter will be delivered in early June and will contain all information for the upcoming 2022/2023 season.
  • In light of the current economic situation, Borussia Dortmund has decided to adjust prices for season and day tickets by 3.1%. This may vary slightly in individual categories. The adjustments are thus below the rate of inflation.
  • Season ticket holders can choose between a season ticket in digital form and the more familiar plastic card.

The timetable is the following: 

Season ticket amendment phase (June 1 to 15)

Choose ''Digital season ticket'' or ''Plastic card season ticket'':

  • Season ticket holders have until 15 June to apply for a digital season ticket via the BVB ticket shop
  • Those who choose a digital season ticket will not receive a plastic card.
  • If, as before, a plastic season ticket is preferred, nothing further needs to be done. The season ticket will be mailed free of charge at the end of July.

Changes to personal details, season ticket package and bank details:

  • Changes can be made using the usual amendment form (enclosed with the season ticket cover letter), which must be returned by mail or email ( by 15 June.
  • There is no season ticket exchange with cash payment option in the BVB-FanWelt, therefore a mandate for SEPA direct debit must be issued via the enclosed amendment form if no mandate has been issued.

Transfers to a family member (1st/2nd degree):

    • Transfers can only be made to family members (1st/2nd degree). This form must be used for this purpose.

Season ticket debit (28 June)

  • The season ticket fee will be debited via SEPA direct debit on 28 June.

Season ticket delivery (end of July)

  • Depending on the option chosen, the season ticket will be sent free of charge as a plastic card or made available online in the ticket store as a digital season ticket by the end of July.

Digital season tickets

  • Those who select a digital season ticket will not receive a plastic card.
  • A mixture of digital tickets and plastic cards is not possible within a single season ticket contract.
  • Season ticket holders will be able to access the digital season ticket in the ticket shop in the "My Account" section from the end of July.
  • The season ticket will display 17 individual matches (and three European matches, if applicable).
  • For each match, the ticket can be added to the wallet as a mobile ticket or accessed/printed out as a PDF ticket.
  • At the start of the new season, it will no longer be necessary to print out the PDF ticket, but this option will still be available.
  • It is possible to transfer a ticket to someone else for an individual match without transferring the entire digital season ticket for the remainder of the season.
  • The secondary ticket market can still be used with a digital season ticket.
  • For South Stand season ticket holders in blocks 12/13, the selection of a digital season ticket is not yet available due to capacity requirements. A solution is currently being worked on to verify the capacity of the blocks in order to provide a digital season ticket for blocks 12/13 for the 2023/2024 season.

Season ticket reallocations

Due to renovation works, 78 season ticket holders have had to be relocated in the lower tier of the west stand. The fans affected were informed in advance by telephone in order to find alternative solutions in the west and east lower stands. An amicable solution was found for 75 season ticket holders. Three fans could not be reached by telephone; they could only be informed in writing and can still contact BVB for an alternative solution. Borussia Dortmund is aware that season ticket seats are often associated with stories, friendships and acquaintances. Therefore, BVB's top priority is to keep the number of reallocations as low as possible and only issue them in exceptional cases. 

Day tickets

Day tickets will continue to be sold online. Tickets will be issued exclusively in digital form (Mobile Ticket and Print@home Ticket) and will therefore be free of shipping costs. In consultation with fan representatives, we are currently working on a solution to offer printed tickets moving forward so as to fulfil the wishes of ticket collectors.

The following changes will apply: 

  • An additional offer of discounted seating tickets for under-18s in blocks 66-68 (north-west corner) at €25 per ticket.
  • A flat price for people with disabilities of €14 per ticket

Further information on the advance sales procedure will be announced in July.