These have been, and still are, challenging times for us all. Incidence values at a comparatively low level, along with a steadily increasing vaccination rate, mean on the one hand that we can confidently look forward to a return to a form of normality that resembles what we had before corona. But on the other hand, the spread of virus variants – which the existing vaccines are not yet fully equipped to deal with – continues to cause concern. Caution therefore is and continues to be the order of the day!

Against this background, BVB is currently working on a concept that will allow for the resumption of play in front of spectators in the best and safest way possible. This concept must be submitted to and approved by the relevant local authorities. We will provide detailed information as soon as this has been done.

What we can already announce at this stage:

  • For season ticket holders, the application period for the first home game against Frankfurt will begin at the end of July/start of August.
  • Day tickets will be allocated exclusively to season ticket holders.
  • Every season ticket holder may acquire max. two tickets, regardless of the total number of season tickets per holder.
  • All information on the allocation of tickets will be e-mailed to the season ticket holders once the application process begins.

In order for as many people as possible to be able to enjoy a stadium experience again as soon as possible, the enforcement of some rules remains necessary. Among other things, it is very important to observe the specified stadium opening times and the allocated individual entry times.

To ensure the smoothest possible implementation on matchdays, communication with stadium visitors will take place in the lead-up to each match via various channels, including the BVB app, the BVB homepage (, BVB's social media channels and by e-mail too.

We will get through this period together if we continue to show trust and due consideration of the situation!

Only BVB!