"A 1-0 victory, no goals conceded again – a good day", judged a satisfied Sven Bender after the match against Leverkusen. Understandably, what took place in front of the men from Dortmund’s goal came under intense media scrutiny after the game: "The referee got it completely right", said Mats Hummels of the incident. Here follow some thoughts on the game.

Thomas Tuchel and Sven Bender.

Mats Hummels: "We are doing great work together right now as a team, especially defensively. We don’t give away many chances and have that little bit of luck, like, for example, today, as Chicharito didn’t take his chance, fortunately. In my opinion, the referee got it completely right with regard to the situation just before we scored."

Sven Bender: "It was a massive victory today, and the game was really close. Right now we are playing excellently in defense. Whoever starts is on it right away, knows exactly what to do and how we play. We can always swap one-for-one and there is no loss of quality. Against Leverkusen there are normally one or two hairy situations, we know that. They are a top team. We won 1-0, didn’t concede – a good day."

"It was certainly novel"

Matthias Ginter: "Situations like the one that occurred in front of our goal happen all the time in a football game. As such, I simply can’t wait until the two behind me have stood up. It was a clear foul before that."

Michael Zorc: "An interruption to the game because of a manager is certainly novel, I’ve never seen it before. The whole game was very tense, nobody could string a series of passes together, it was a battle. We couldn’t really find space or time, Leverkusen were pressing so hard. Things went better after half time, and the goal was well worked." (djg)