BVB scored three goals at Anfield Road, but that was still not enough to get through in the UEFA Europa League. "It's difficult to put the game into words", Marco Reus said in interviews with sky and Sport1.

Mats Hummels: „when we scored to make it 3-1 we thought we were through. We stopped defending aggressively. We stopped playing football when they scored the 3-1. Then we suddenly got the jitters. We gave it away today. Liverpool would never have come back if we would have continued to play our socks off after we scored the 3-1. We should have made the opponent chase the ball. Instead we just lost touch too often in defense. We just can't concede goals like that, that was too easy for them. This defeat is the one that hurts the most this season."

Marco Reus: „it's difficult to put this game into words. We played well in the first half, we took the lead early on. We did not defend well anymore in the second half, we didn't play well going for attack. It was obvious that Liverpool would come back at us again. We scored to make it 3-1 and we should be able to finish the game off with that. You just can't describe it: we cannot perform as we did in the second half. We have to ask ourselves the question how you can give a game away like that. We will have to see what this means for the future. We need to digest this game first of all, we actually did OK, we just lost the plot in the second half. We can't think about Sunday right now. Getting knocked out is extremely bitter."

Emre Can (Liverpool): „You don't experience an evening like that too often. I just can't take it in yet. Respect for every member of our team. It is unique. I am proud to be part of this team. We also didn't play that bad in the first half, everyone of us believed we could get through in the second half. That is also the reason why we turned the game around." (fu)