"For a long time it was an extremely even match, in which we suffered," said Thomas Tuchel at the post-match press conference, where he singled out Roman Bürki and Raphael Guerreiro for special praise.


Thomas Tuchel on the balance of play:
"For a long time it did not feel like such a clear result for us. We scored five goals and took an early lead but then we suffered for quite a spell in the first half and in the opening stages of the second period, because we gave away a lot of good-quality chances. It was a question of time until they pulled one back. That goal changed the balance and the energy in the game. We became more awake and asserted ourselves more in challenges, carved out opportunities to counter and made effective use of them."

...on the margin of victory:
"It was an incredible result for us to win 5-1 in Wolfsburg. We worked hard for the win and we're very happy about it, but we are also able to put it into perspective: the victory hung in the balance for a long time. There are lots of things to improve – but we will still take from it the self-belief that winning gives you."

...on what needs to be improved:
"For long periods it was an extremely even game, in which we struggled. At home, Wolfsburg are capable of building up so much pressure that you suffer. It is extremely difficult to defend all the crosses and block all the runs. Today there were too many good-quality chances for the opposition. The result will be a help to us over the next few weeks so that we can address the shortcomings without anyone getting impatient."


...on Roman Bürki's performance:
"I am happy with how Roman has developed since he has been with us and particularly since this pre-season. It's no longer up for debate whether he plays. In his second year he has developed remarkably as a person, as a character, as a goalkeeper and as a player. His performance is worth singling out for special praise."

...on Raphael Guerreiro:
"It doesn't surprise me because he's just that good at playing football. He carries a really extraordinary presence and gives us the feeling that he has settled in to the team. He's incredibly talented and makes the players around him better. It's a real blessing to have a player like him."

...to the injury to Marc Bartra:
"He has adductor problems, which he noticed for a short while when warming up. Then they disappeared. They came back when he made a pass. I can't say what it is. My Spanish is not good enough to do so. It will be very, very tight for Freiburg."

...on being at the top of the table:
"It's the consecutive wins that make me happy. The table is always the result of this. But tomorrow there are still a few teams that can leapfrog us. But when it comes down to it, we're moving forward. Our focus is not on the table, but on Friday's match."

Recorded by Boris Rupert