Thomas Tuchel pulled no punches after BVB's 3-3 draw in Ingolstadt. Though the head coach pointed to the fact that a team so young cannot always perform consistently, he said there had been a "huge disparity between the first and second halves" when he spoke to sky after the match.

Thomas Tuchel (BVB): "We were not ready to play in the Bundesliga. Not on a technical or tactical level, nor in terms of intensity and body language. In the first half we didn't show any of the urgency and willingness that you need in order to win a match in the Bundesliga. In general, my lads are doing that extremely well at the moment. But we should not forget that some of those in our team are A-youth players. Even players such as Julian Weigl or Matthias Ginter, who are deemed to be experienced players, are still eligible to play at U21 level and are not used to the rhythm of Champions League, Bundesliga and then Champions League again. So we know why this is happening. But we are also aware that we can't play any Bundesliga fixture if we don't have the required physical urgency and sharpness in our play. Giving away two set-pieces in a game that is going to be difficult anyway is extremely negligent. There was a huge disparity between the first and second halves. We also spend too much time chasing the game after falling behind. On the other hand we need to make sure that we show understanding for the players and recognise that the second half was good. Of course we are disappointed because we had expected to play like that from the beginning, but perhaps we cannot expect to do that just yet."

Markus Kauczinski (Ingolstadt): "Overall it was a fair result. Nobody would have given us a chance before the game and yet we put in such an awesome performance. We came very, very close to winning. But a point is a huge success too when you consider our roots. It was an epic performance." (fu)