"We were very unlucky with Bayern's second goal," analysed Gonzalo Castro as he fielded questions after the 3-1 defeat by the Bavarians. "We gave the opposition too much space in the penalty area for their goals," added BVB coach Peter Bosz. Here we bring you the initial reactions.

Peter Bosz: "We didn't play like a top team today. Bayern were clearly superior, especially in the first half. We were always chasing them and were too late. We were too far away from our opponents. Our intention at the outset had actually been to be very compact, but that didn't work – although we did have good chances. In the second period we then started to play and were closer, then it was a proper match. That's what we're capable of. We gave Bayern too much space inside the penalty area for their goals. That can't be allowed to happen. There's still a long way left to go this season to close the gap in the table. My team showed at the start of the season that we can play good football, as we did in the second period today. There was one moment during the game where I thought to myself, while sitting on the bench, that Christian Pulisic was our man of the match – together with the supporters. They were still supporting us when we were 3-0 down. That's quite incredible. As they always do, the fans gave us wonderful support today."


Gonzalo Castro: "I don't think we were as effective in the first half as we were in the second. But we still had some clear-cut opportunities to level the score at 1-1 or get back into the game at 2-1. The second goal was clearly very unlucky, while "Papa" was injured. Had we taken the chance to pull one back after the break, then we would've been back in the game with the fans behind us. There are simply some spells where the chances just don't go in for you. At those times we need to show solidarity and stand together as a team."

"Outstanding football against a very good team"

Jupp Heynckes (FC Bayern Munich coach): "I think we played outstanding football against a very good team. But one should also acknowledge that Borussia Dortmund had three very good chances where Sven Ulreich kept us in the game. On the whole, we controlled the first half very well. My team was very motivated and absolutely wanted to win. Congratulations to them." (djg)