Speaking to BVBtotal! in an interview after the clash with Hoffenheim, Julian Weigl described the 2017/18 season as one with "many lows and few highs". The midfielder said they "got off with a slap on the wrist" in Sinsheim and added that he was not satisfied with his personal performance: "There are a number of things I can improve."

By qualifying for the UEFA Champions League, you've achieved your minimum objective for the season. Can you still be happy about that despite suffering defeat in Hoffenheim?
"Happy's the wrong word. To a certain extent, we're relieved that we still managed it. Nonetheless, we didn't celebrate in the changing rooms, like the home side would've been. This match was a reflection of our season as a whole. We got off with a slap on the wrist. Today was another reminder of the fact that we're not playing the kind of football that we actually want to play. The entire season has simply been tough. Now we can be satisfied about the fact that we've qualified for the Champions League. But we're certainly not happy."


What, in the match against Hoffenheim in particular, were the sticking points?
"Hoffenheim were better in all areas. They took away from us what makes us strong when we have a good day: the ball. We were chasing them from the very first minute. There were times when we had a few good spells, in which we were able to move the ball about and also looked dangerous going forward – especially in the first period. But all in all, Hoffenheim were just more dangerous and were playing to score. We, on the other hand, didn't play with enough purpose. For that reason, Hoffenheim deserved to win – and to win by that margin."

"Of course I want to perform differently next season"

On a personal level, what will you take from this season?
"For me too, it's been a difficult year. It was a season with lots of lows and few highs. We first of all need to process it and focus on coming back with new momentum and new energy ahead of the new season. There are a number of things that I can improve. But I think I was nonetheless due a tougher year – especially after my first two years at BVB. Of course I want to perform differently next season. I think that applies to the entire team."

Peter Stöger has just announced that he will no longer be the coach of Borussia Dortmund. What were you thinking when he informed you of that news?
"The coach informed us directly after the match, because he did not want us to hear it first from the press conference. He wished every one of us the best and spoke a bit about our time working together. We in turn wished him all the very best too. It was a very dignified departure." (djg)