Julian Brandt had an eventful game in the win against Gladbach. He was involved in all "three" goals – though two of them were disallowed for offside.

Julian Brandt on the two offside goals:
"In the end, they don't count unfortunately. It's obviously bitter, especially as the incidents were not that clear-cut. For the first one it was a flick from Marco, and for the second one it was Marco too – but you can't reproach him for that because he's got to run somewhere. I think if you can still manage to win 1-0, then it's only half as bitter."

…on his interplay with Marco Reus:
"We have a very good understanding, but we haven't played together in this set-up that often. That's why it's not all working perfectly yet. We had a lot of chances, Thorgan and Achraf too, and we had a pretty good game going forward."

…on the tasks ahead:
"After the last two weeks with the Freiburg game hanging over us, it's a good sign to win a game like this. Both goalkeepers saved us often today, you have to take your hat off to them. We now have a very important match in Milan in the Champions League, where we're in a very good position. The next few weeks will be turbulent; we'll be up against a lot of good teams in a short space of time." (tl)