"We need to apologise to everyone in the stadium for the performance. I have no explanation for the first half," said Marco Reus in an interview with DAZN after the final whistle against Paderborn.

"No idea what sort of performance that was," the captain added: "We can never perform like that again. It was shameful. It was clear we needed to show a reaction in the second period. We had to go for it out there. We had to play more offensively in the second period and get stuck into the challenges. When you're 3-2 down, you throw everything forward. But my goal doesn't interest me. We cannot perform like that at home. That was bitter in the first half. We will speak about it. We really had our asses handed to us. We're not performing at all at the moment. The coach sets us up superbly on each occasion. We're responsible for performing on the pitch. We need to work together more closely as a team, attack together and defend together. At the moment it's not working at all." (cr)