Coach Lucien Favre could contain his emotions no longer at the post-match press conference and was visibly delighted with a victory that saw his side cement their place as one of the best 16 clubs in Europe.

"Everyone – without a single exception – played a part in this win. It was a crazy match," said the coach, adding: "Constant chances. We had to win this game; it's what we were aiming for – and we did it. But it was difficult. Slavia were very tough as expected. They had drawn their previous games (editor's note: their away matches against Inter and Barcelona); we hadn't! Roman Bürki was unbelievable, he was fantastic. But just to reiterate: we achieved this victory together. We created a lot of scoring opportunities and should've been winning more than 1-0. We were too open at certain points. It's a win but we need to continue to work hard." (br)