"In the second half, we played as we are accustomed to," said Axel Witsel about the game. Roman Bürki was full of praise: "We played as a unit from the first minute to the last." Here are some of the reactions to the game.

Axel Witsel: "It's always hard against Bremen; we lost here in the cup. The first half was difficult, because we didn't control the game. But in the second half we played as we are accustomed to. We controlled the game and created plenty of chances. We could have scored even more goals. It's never easy after Champions League games. The first goal was massive for us. After that, it became easier because Werder Bremen had to be more aggressive and thus opened up space for us. At 2-0, the game was over. We are pleased to have kept a clean sheet."

Emre Can: "It's very important to be patient in games like this. Today was a very mature performance from us. The first half was very difficult. Bremen did a great job, and we couldn't work them out. After that, we were solid. We allowed them almost no chances and controlled the game more in the second half. We didn't immediately hit the first ball forward, but rather let the ball do the running for us. Then Bremen got tired and we struck at the right time."

Roman Bürki: "Bremen made our lives difficult. But what's important is that we all defended together. We played as a unit from the first minute to the last. You can see what happens when you do that. The important thing is that we survive the difficult periods, as a unit, and defend well. That's how it was today. Then in the second half, we scored the goals. That gave the team a boost. We go into the game to keep a clean sheet. If you don't get a goal, you don't lose. And with our quality upfront, we will always create chances and score goals. That's why things are going well at the moment – and I hope we keep it up."
Transcribed by Christina Reinke