After the 3-2 win in Seville, captain Marco Reus and the two goalscorers Erling Haaland and Mahmoud Dahoud reacted to the game. Here are the match reactions.

Marco Reus: "The early goal aside, the first half went exactly the way we'd planned it. We were very compact and played a bit deeper than we usually do. We won the ball back well and went forward at speed. Then we took the lead and even made it 3-1. The first half was very good; the second half was not quite as good because we were then too passive. We had too few spells of possession and played with too little depth, because we were losing possession of the ball too quickly. Then it became more and more difficult, but we're very, very happy that we've won here and were able to make a statement. The match today was a good step. Now we have two days – and then it's time for the derby. We will need to at least match what we did on the pitch today in that game."

Erling Haaland: "We played with a lot more passion today. That was very good from us. Conceding the two goals wasn't good, but we scored three away goals; we'll take that. We had a good plan today. I spoke with Edin before the game. He said today would be my game and I'd get my chances. That's what happened; it's an important win. We now need to recover quickly. There's a big game on Saturday. We need to take the positive mentality from today into the derby."

Mo Dahoud: "The win and the goal feel very good. I succeeded in scoring a goal for the first time in a long time. The equaliser that I scored spurred us on. We upped the ante; that was the key to the victory. We performed very well in the first half. Our energy levels dropped slightly in the second half. At that point you have so much adrenaline that you just switch your mind off and simply get through it. We wanted to stay compact and coach each other a lot on the pitch. Everyone played their part, I'm very proud of my team-mates. That's what sets a team apart."
Transcribed by Timo Lammert