"I'm doing well given the circumstances," said Mateu Morey at the start of his chat with Patrick Owomoyela. The defender, who sustained a serious injury in the cup semi-final against Holstein Kiel, joined the programme "For Dortmund to Berlin!" on BVB-TV.


Mateu Morey on the many get-well wishes:
"I'm very grateful for all the get-well wishes that I've received from fans, team-mates and friends. That's very positive for me and spurs me on to come back as soon as possible."

…the t-shirts that the team wore during the warm-up for the Leipzig match:
"I knew nothing about that; it was a lovely surprise. I'm very happy and delighted that they thought of me, cheered me up and encouraged me."

…the final on TV:
"It's very difficult for me to miss the final and to have to watch on television. But I also picked up an injury before the start of the Bundesliga season and missed the Supercup. It was nice that we won that one. Unfortunately, it's the second final that I'll have missed, but I hope that the team can bring home the title."

…his expectations for the final:
"I believe it'll be a very close-fought match. We'll go into the game with a very positive mindset. We already beat them on Saturday. We'll obviously have that in our minds and be self-confident. The team will give everything to win the title."

...his pastimes:
"I talk and chat a lot with friends, read books and watch films."

You can see the interview plus Jadon Sancho's message for Mateu Morey on the BVB-TV programme "For Dortmund to Berlin!" here.