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"We need to play with more maturity"

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Happy with the victory, satisfied with the week. And yet Michael Zorc, Marco Rose, Marco Reus and Mats Hummels all expressed criticism after the game. The match reactions.

Michael Zorc: "We let go of the reins a bit after going 3-0 up and didn't stop the cross that led to the penalty. Even before that, we weren't really going for the ball consistently. We scored four goals again, and Union Berlin are no cakewalk. They're a robust side that always come back, and lost for the first time this season. All in all, we can be happy with the three wins this week. The area we need to improve is defending set-pieces. We can't give so much away from them."


Marco Rose: "The team has a lot of quality. The guys intuitively make a lot of the right decisions. The attacking play was good, and we took a few steps forward again today. But there are still points we want to improve. We had the game so firmly under control, led 3-0, and had the opportunity to maybe add another and completely kill the opponent. But then we let Union back in as we were too passive before the penalty and allowed the cross in. And then an opponent that's tough to crack anyway is back in it. And at 3-2, it's all to play for again. At the corner, we have to be on the man and prevent him making the run. If we can't do that, we have to win the aerial battle. We have many games this season and need our energy, but something like this takes up energy. We have to work on that."

Marco Reus: "In terms of points, it was a perfect week. We were targeting three wins from the first real English week of the season. Nonetheless, we made it unnecessarily difficult for ourselves today. We were 3-0 up, then conceded another stupid set-piece goal. We have to work on that as soon as possible. Because by doing that we deprive ourselves of the reward that we've been working towards in the 60 or 70 minutes beforehand. We're happy that we won the game. But you can't keep doing that in the long run. We can't give away goals so easily. At some point, it will cost us because we won't have the energy. We have to play with more maturity and defend better from set-pieces. Another tough game awaits us on Saturday. Three or four wins in a row gives us confidence for that."

Mats Hummels: "I'm very satisfied up to the point we made it 3-0. Up until then, we did very well against an unpleasant opponent and kept them completely away from our goal. The goal that was just offside after 40 seconds was the only chance we gave away until the penalty. When it went to 3-0, we fell back into a pattern. Our problem was our on-the-ball play. We need to occupy the spaces better and work the opponent to death with the ball. Instead, we allowed the game to become too small, lost balls too easily and allowed an opponent back into the game that had accepted at that point that they would lose today – because were a bit unserious and did not play success-oriented football. We want to keep winning everything that comes now. We're fired up for it. But we have to always stay sharp in games."
Transcribed by Boris Rupert

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