Marco Rose spoke of a "deep wound" after their Champions League exit. His goal was to be in all competitions next year.

Marco Rose: "We hardly gave anything away and were properly in the game, without having any incredibly dangerous forward actions ourselves. It was too easy for Sporting to make it 1-0. It's too easy to score goals against us. The opponent was more consistent and merciless in certain situations. We have the ambition to win games and progress in the Champions League. We have to work on being more consistent and merciless ourselves in the next few weeks. We built up more pressure when we were a man down compared to a full eleven, and our second half was sharper than the first in terms of game activity. That's what I expect from the start in a game like this. It was a clear goal of ours to be in all competitions next year. The Champions League is out. That's a deep wound."      
Recorded by Christina Reinke