After the final whistle in the match against Sportclub Freiburg, head coach Marco Rose and midfielder Julian Brandt both spoke to DAZN. The match reactions.

Marco Rose: "Mo Dahoud got his reward with a goal at the end. He played a very good game. We did a lot of things right and well today. Maybe we didn't quite have enough shots to show for our dominance. That said, we won the ball back many times, were good in our positional play and scored two goals from set-pieces. That's also part of football. The first half was already top. We then reasserted our dominance with the goal that made it 4-1 and played a great game to the end. Off the ball, we kept the centre of midfield tight and closed down the spaces. It was very good today. Before the winter break, there was talk of two bad performances and the Bundesliga becoming boring. Now we're within three points. We want to stay in touch at the top, but have been too inconsistent in some games."

Julian Brandt: "We wanted to improve upon several things after the match against Frankfurt. Although we did win the match, the performance was not overwhelming. Today, on a Friday night, we want to put on a performance to make a statement in the Bundesliga. We always have routines for corners. What was rather strange today was the fact that Thomas Meunier managed to put the ball in the net twice. But you can't put that all down to coincidence. Generally speaking, winning breeds consistency. We dropped off slightly towards the end of the first half-season and let points slip. We've addressed our problems and want to work on them. All the lads are really keen to win matches."
Transcribed by Timo Lammert