On Saturday (14/5), Borussia Dortmund will play their final game of the season against Hertha BSC at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK. Kick-off is at 15:30 CET. You will find all the important information on your stadium visit here.

Do I have to carry a printout of my ticket?
Print@Home ticket holders must print out their ticket. Showing the PDF document on your mobile phone will not be enough for you to be granted entry into SIGNAL IDUNA PARK. The credit card-sized season tickets were activated for the first time this season for the Leipzig game at the beginning of April. Season ticket holders who have exercised their special right of cancellation will not be admitted to the stadium.

Can I give my ticket to someone else if I suddenly can't make it?
Yes, the ticket can be transferred. In addition, the Secondary Ticket Market will be open until 12:00 CET on the day of the game. The ticket can be put up for sale there. If a new buyer is found, the ticket price only (without the advance booking fee) will be refunded for day tickets and a proportion of the price equivalent to one match will be refunded for season tickets.

Will there be a ticket office open on the day?
A late-notice decision will be made.

Can I bring my child with me too?
"Lap tickets", which allow for the free admission of children under seven years of age, will be available again for a fee of €1. They will be issued at the three clearing points (NW/NO & SO) on the day of the match. Proof of age must be provided. Your child will not be entitled to their own seat.    

Which Corona entry requirements apply?
There are currently no restrictions for stadium entry and therefore no 3G checks either.


What should I bear in mind when entering the stadium?
The entrances "Südost" and the three entrance areas in the north are linked to fixed grandstand areas and blocks. The stadium entrance procedure has now reverted to the way it was before the pandemic. In order to facilitate the journey to SIGNAL IDUNA PARK and the situation at the entry points to the stadium, we recommend you arrive early. Please beware you may face a wait at the entry points. Please be patient and arrive at the stadium as early as possible. The earlier, the better! 

Will there be a "Happy Hour"?
In order to facilitate your journey and admission into SIGNAL IDUNA PARK, we recommend arriving at the stadium early. We would like to reward those early birds with a special promotion for the home match against Hertha BSC: there will be a "2 for 1" offer exclusively at the stadium kiosks during ''Happy Hour". From 13:00 to 14:00 CET, all food and drink – including alcoholic beer – will be available on a "2 for 1" offer. Order two of the same item and pay for only one of them. 

By entering the stadium early, you'll help us to reduce queues at entrance checks and kiosks during peak times – so join in, help us out and get your reward!


Can I bring my own drinks?
No. No bottles, cans. etc. may be brought into the stadium. Large bags are also not allowed. With the exception of the South Stand and the away sector, reusable cups will be issued at the stadium kiosks.  

Do I have to wear a mask?
There is no obligation to wear a mask. However, we do recommend that you wear a mask – especially in situations where you are required to queue (entrance points, kiosks, etc.) and in inside areas (toilets, lifts, hospitality areas).

Can I use local public transport free of charge with my ticket?
Those who wish to use public transport must, for technical reasons, purchase a separate, free-of-charge travel ticket via a DSW21 portal in addition to their digitally-mailed BVB admission ticket ("Print@home"). Detailed information on this was sent to the purchasers along with the tickets and can be found here. The plastic season ticket card counts as a travel ticket, however. The ''Uni-Shuttle'' will be in operation.