At the press conference, Edin Terzic spoke about the derby, special moments, Youssoufa Moukoko and Marco Reus.

Edin Terzic on the balance of play:
Playing such an intense match after running 122 kilometres in Manchester: we did really well! We were very aggressive, we were very intense and we were very clear. We were not able to create so many goalscoring chances in the first half, but we did very well at getting into the final third. We knew that it would become very passionate and very emotional. We embraced this game. It was about getting the three points. They are the sweetest points that we could win in a season.

…on the injury to Marco Reus:
There's nobody that I'm currently on the phone to more than our team doctor. Today it was our captain's turn to suffer. It's extremely bitter, it was extremely unfortunate. Marco has injured his ankle. I was only able to speak with him briefly during half-time. He had a lot of pain at the time. We cannot currently state how severely the ligaments have been injured. It's a great shame because Marco has been in outstanding form, he's been top-fit and he's been playing superbly. He has experienced so many setbacks in his career; we'd hoped that they were finally over, especially in this World Cup year. We hope that it is not as severe as it looked.

…on the intensity of the match, three days after Manchester:
We don't want tiredness to be an issue at all. We want to play intensive football this season and always be capable of dominating the match. We managed that well today. It was a completely different task compared to Manchester on Wednesday. For that reason, we needed to change a few things; and for that reason, a few fresh legs came into the starting line-up. We have prepared ourselves for the fact that there are only three days between matches and that we need every individual. Our derby day hero is a 17-year-old.

…on Youssoufa Moukoko:
I mentioned before how much I've been talking to the doctor. There is no player in the squad I've been talking to as much as Youssoufa Moukoko. He's been training really well for weeks. In his last substitute appearances, he's been overthinking a bit. Today we saw the Youssoufa we see in Brackel every day. We had him in the areas where goals are scored. We're very happy that he's our derby hero.

…on the record of 15 points from seven games:
Prior to the injuries, prior to Sébastien Haller getting ill, there was speculation about whether there would be a bumpy start. There was in terms of performances. In terms of points, it's okay. There have been new problems on an almost daily basis, we've had to change many things and could barely establish the fundamentals. The team deserves a huge compliment for that. Nonetheless, I have not forgotten what happened last week. The atmosphere was considerably worse, and rightly so, because we produced a catastrophic performance in Leipzig. We addressed that very clearly within our own four walls. The response to that on Wednesday was very good. Today we were rewarded with a victory.
Transcribed by Boris Rupert