Edin Terzic was disappointed with the first goal his team conceded, adding: "Tomorrow we'll look at the table and we'll see: there's a two-point deficit, it's the first Bundesliga defeat for us in the year 2023." The match reactions.

Edin Terzic (at the press conference): "We made a decent start to the game but 12 decent minutes is not enough in Munich. We didn't envisage falling behind like that and then stopping to fight back. It was disappointing that it took us far too long to get back into the game after conceding the first goal. We'll go home with a portion of anger. Tomorrow we'll look at the table and see: there's a two-point deficit, it's the first Bundesliga defeat for us in the year 2023, and then it's off to another competition on Wednesday. We want to produce a better performance in the cup and get to the next round."

Gregor Kobel (to Sky): "I don't know how the ball slipped through. It was shit alright. You simply get days like that, today was one of them. The decision to come out was correct, I simply didn't connect with the ball. It really, really hurts. After that there was a drop-off in our game, we were glaringly hit on the counter, Bayern had a lot of chances. I wasn't able to help the team. It's going to hurt for a few days. But now we need to come closer together as a team."

Emre Can (to BVB-TV): "We started well. After conceding the first two goals, we became a bit wild. Not everyone continued to stick to the plan at that point. And then it gets tough here. We had gone into the game with an objective: whatever happens, whether we take the lead or we fall behind, we want to be compact. That was no longer the case. Perhaps we didn't have enough self-confidence. We weren't courageous enough in any case. We didn't produce a good performance, even though we set out with big ambitions. Bayern deserved to win. But a lot is still possible this season."

Marco Reus (to Sky): "How should I explain it? Everyone saw the goal we conceded. Greg has won so many matches for us. It's bitter. We made a good start. You first need to let the goal we conceded sink in, then we go 2-0 down through a set-piece. Müller shows clever movement. We ultimately lose 4-2 and are two points behind. The way we conducted ourselves in many situations was stupid. We got hit on many counter-attacks – totally atypical. Bayern could have scored even more goals. Many things came together. It's not easy, but we've already caught up more points. We now need to show a reaction in the cup on Wednesday."