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''And that's exactly what Borussia Dortmund is about''

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After taking a little bit of time to process the end of the season, several members of the Borussia Dortmund first-team squad took to social media to share their thoughts. In addition to their disappointment at the missed opportunity to win the title, they also highlighted the unity between team and fans which was particularly visible after the final whistle. 

Mats Hummels

"I have rarely seen a city or a club so incredibly excited about a game. The great euphoria in the last few weeks, in our stadium or wherever you went, was like nothing I've ever experienced. It culminated in an atmosphere in and around the stadium before the game and during the warm-up that I have definitely never seen anywhere else.

It was all the more bitter, disappointing, sad and whatever else that we did not manage to make our shared dream come true. Even with more than a day's hindsight, that's all the words I can find to say about it. 

But what is most important to me is to talk about what happened after the game. The reaction from you in the stadium was exactly what this club is all about. Of course, everyone was disappointed at first and didn't know what to do with their emotions. And yet the stadium remained almost completely full and your cheers and attempts to encourage us were extraordinary. Even after the game, on the street, today at the training ground or just now at the Phönixsee, all we found was comfort and motivation for next season.

And that is exactly what Borussia Dortmund is about. A sense of unity, of helping each other up after failures and disappointments. We'll be back.''


Julian Brandt

''Sometimes it takes days before you can really express what's going on inside you.

This season, I finally experienced what it means to be a Borusse, what it's like to share a huge disappointment with an infinite number of people and to understand what Borussia Dortmund really is.

Borussia Dortmund is the Ruhrpott,
Borussia Dortmund is being uncomfortable sometimes,
Borussia Dortmund is unfiltered and honest,
Borussia Dortmund has rough edges, and that's a good thing.

But Borussia Dortmund is also self-sacrifice, dependability, unconditionally loving and standing together, even and especially in the toughest moments.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, for your criticism, both negative and positive, and for your support every year anew.

I look forward to next season with all of you.

And if you lose a game, if you're at the bottom, we'll stand here and sing: Borussia, Borussia BVB!''


Marco Reus

"It is currently difficult for me to put my thoughts, feelings and emotions into words. But nevertheless, it is totally important for me to say thank you to YOU!

All that the BVB family did for us on Saturday, the euphoria, the atmosphere around the stadium, the good wishes that we received and felt from all over Germany, that is unique!!! And all that shows us how special this club and its fans are. Your reaction after the game completely overwhelmed me emotionally. I was speechless and totally lost at first. I know you called me to you - but I was too broken at that moment to come into your arms. Nevertheless, with your positive reaction, you made it clear to me what is worth fighting for.

Yes, it hurts, yes, we haven't been this close for a long time - but anyone who knows me, this club and you BVB fans knows that we will get back up, keep working and keep fighting - just like this great club has always done! Thank you"


Marius Wolf

''The boys have written very well today about how we're feeling inside. Julian Brandt in particular speaks straight from my heart.

To be honest, I'm still completely empty. The injury setbacks this team has had to overcome this season, how often we have thrown ourselves into the next battle battered and bruised, how much blood and tears have flowed behind closed doors for us to achieve success. It eats me up inside to know that all this, and especially the incredible second half of the season, was not crowned.

The pain will surely ease at some point.

What remains are the moments and the people you experience them with. You incredible, world-beating and UNIQUE fans will forever remain a motivation to give everything you have for this club.

And what is coming? A new chance to fulfil all those unfulfilled dreams.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.''


Jude Bellingham

''I’ve taken some time to reflect on the events of the final day and the entire season. I still can’t believe it went the way it did and we couldn’t get ourselves over the line.

The boys that played gave everything and their efforts cannot be questioned, unfortunately we weren’t decisive enough in the fine margin moments that occur in high pressure games. Personally, it was devastating to have to watch my teammates suffer while I couldn’t impact the outcome. I have never experienced an atmosphere like the one on Saturday created by you fans, I had goosebumps for the whole 90 minutes whilst only watching from the bench. Many times this season you have been the difference maker for us and in the end we’ve let you down by not being able to deliver the championship whilst it was in our hands.

Hopefully this adversity will trigger a new era for the club where it can compete closely for trophies every year. This is what the city and its fans deserve.''


Youssoufa Moukoko

''The pain still runs deep, but unfortunately we can't change it. Not next week and not the week after. All we have left is to thank our fans.

You were always there, whether we won or lost. The support we got in this 'rollercoaster season' was just insane.

It must be said that failure is a part of success.

The frustration still runs deep, but all the more motivation for us to come back even stronger.

This situation is just a test to see if we stick together.

But what makes us BVB is that we will get back up together. That's why the hope and the conviction are there that we will do everything even better next season.

Thank you to all the loyal fans.



Emre Can

"I have taken time to reflect on Saturday's disappointment. The pain in those final moments still lingers, but in the midst of the grief, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for our incredible fans. Your unwavering support throughout this rollercoaster ride has been nothing short of remarkable. It is in moments like these that our bond grows stronger, and I am honoured to have you by our side. Thank you for being the driving force behind our relentless pursuit of glory. We will regroup, refocus and come back even more determined. See you all next season. Heja BVB"