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"A farewell with incredibly strong emotions"

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Sporting director Sebastian Kehl and goalscorer Julian Brandt spoke about the match against Darmstadt, Wembley and, in particular, the departure of Marco Reus.

Sebastian Kehl: "It was a farewell befitting of a player of this category: with a very high degree of appreciation, incredibly big emotions and a good, victorious game. Marco scored a goal and set one up – it's tough to imagine it any better than that. It would be a fairytale farewell if we didn't want to crown it in two weeks. It was his last act here, but there is another one to come. We'll come away with a good feeling that will accompany us to Wembley over the next two weeks."

Julian Brandt: "I had not previously experienced the departure of a player of Reus' calibre. It was something new entirely. We had set out to make the afternoon as beautiful as possible for Marco and for him to score a goal – he then managed that all by himself. Today was about finishing the Bundesliga season in a worthy manner following our disastrous game in Mainz. Now we want to make the most of the next two weeks so that we go to Wembley in the best-possible shape."