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Emre Can on Wembley, Real and anticipation for the final

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Which image gives Emre Can goosebumps? What are his impressions of the excitement in the city? What happens in the build-up to a Champions League final? Club captain Emre Can spoke to the media ahead of the final (live on ZDF and Sky).

Emre Can on the current situation:
"We had a good week of training with a lot of fun, which is also important before big games. The week before the game is a normal week. We'll prepare well and will definitely be ready for Wembley. We'll try to approach the game like any other, even if that's not 100% possible."

...the build-up:
"The circus off the pitch is bigger and you realise it's something special. But that's how it can and must be. We're back in the final after eleven years. The anticipation is huge. The worst thing is always the wait until the final."

...the highlights of the Champions League season:
"That was after the PSV game. That's when the team realised that something is possible in the Champions League this year. That's when I felt it personally. Then you play a quarter-final against Atletico and think: If you win that game, you're in the semi-finals and anything is possible. And that's what happened. We played so well in the semi-final. When you look at how we started - defeat in Paris, draw against Milan - nobody thought that much was possible this year. But the team always believed. That's why we are where we are - and we absolutely deserve it."

...a possible advantage of not being the favourites:
"Real Madrid are favourites, everyone knows that. But we're not going to go there and say: Okay, it could happen. We'll do everything we can, push hard and work for each other. And then we'll see what comes out of it. To be successful, you have to go there with confidence and a broad chest. We definitely will."

...the opponents Real Madrid:
"Their game in Munich summed them up well. It seemed like Real weren't in the game and Bayern were dominating. And in the end it was 2-2. Nobody knows how, but that's Real Madrid. That's why you have to be careful. They're a counter-attacking team. They have quick players up front and they're not afraid to battle out there. They also defend deep when they have to and get the job done."

...encouraging signs for the game against Real Madrid:
"The whole Champions League season. We held our own against great opponents and played top football, fought together as a unit and performed like a team. That gives me encouragement. It won't be easy, but it's possible."

...the reunion with Jude Bellingham:
"I'm looking forward to seeing Jude again - off the pitch and on it. We will definitely greet each other in a very friendly way and hopefully there will be some nice battles."

... Wembley Stadium:
"It's a special stadium, a beautiful stadium. BVB had a disappointing night there eleven years ago. We want to make amends for that and win there. We want to go there full of confidence and do everything we can to bring it home to Dortmund."

...the image that gives him the most goosebumps:
"That we'll lift the trophy into the sky. I keep visualising that and I hope it happens. We as a team will do everything we can to make it happen."

...the balance between relaxation and full focus:
"We need a good mix. Of course you have to be focused on the game, but you can't tense up. That's how we'll try to do it."

... the excitement in the city:
"You really notice, for example when you're going to the bakery or need to do a quick shop. Everyone who sees you wishes you all the best for Wembley. You can feel the anticipation."
Transcribed by Christina Reinke