This app is designed for global BVB Fans and a place where you can make a home for your blackyellow fandom. Whether you already are a member of an official Fan Club, a supporter group or an enthusiastic fan on your own, BVB Fans Int. App makes it easy to get in touch and share your passion for BVB with likeminded people from all over the world.

Overview of the app features:


The comprehensive side bar menu features everything the app has to offer and allows you to jump straight into the desired section.
Home, Interaction, News and Notifications are available at any time in the bottom navigation.

News + Match Center

Besides an exciting match day center, also tons of news and content about the first team and the club in general are included– everything blackyellow at a glance.
Get the latest and most relevant news, pictures, videos or podcasts via the app.

Fan Club Profiles

Every official international BVB Fan Club will have the possibility to create its own profile. Introduce yourself to the community, let them know what makes you special and invite newbies to upcoming events.
Our Fan Clubs are the heart and soul of this new app.


We want to recognize your passion and make your voice heard, wherever you are in the world.
Votings, Proposals and an Ideation Hub are just the start of the many ways we are going interact with you.
Since for BVB fans around the world it’s not always easy to experience the club in Dortmund, we have included several features that allow you to interact directly with BVB.


Fan-Engagement is the focus of the app.
Token enable you to interact with each other, the club and to support ideas, content and comments you enjoy. The more you collect, the more you can participate and interact.
You will soon recognize that there are several ways of earning further token. They are not for sale and non-tradeable!

BVB World Map

On a map, you can check at any time whether there is a black and yellow location near you.
This way, you can not only experience BVB history up close, but also find BVB-friendly pubs and fan clubs to celebrate Borussia together.


Your opinion, wishes and needs are very important to us.

Help us to get a better understanding of your expectations regarding user experience, content, community management and participation. Please use the feedback-form in the app. What works great, what could be better? Do you have new ideas? Then let us know!

However, app development takes time, while your feedback is an important aspect of the process. We are highly interested in fully engaging with your opinion, since it is our aim to develop the app in a way so that it will eventually fit your needs perfectly.
We will always keep you informed of any changes and feature updates.
Stay tuned, exciting updates are coming very soon!

Questions and Answers:

Main aspects of the app:

Who is the app aimed at?

The BVB Fans Int. app is primarily aimed at our international fans. We are proud to finally offer them their own digital home where they can expect news, exclusive content and exciting interactions.  
For our German-speaking fans, we recently launched the new BVB 09 app.   

What are the main features?

Community comes first here, as our fans are at the heart of the app.  
Official BVB fan clubs are represented with their own profile and thus for the first time have the opportunity to present themselves in an official black and yellow setting and thereby recruit new members. In addition, the app offers features like: 
Voting: Here you will be able to take part in exciting votings and consequently have a say in what content we will make available for you in the app. 
Proposal: Your ideas are important to us! That's why you can formulate your 
own ideas, suggestions, and solutions to certain questions. Get closer to BVB by actively participating. 
Ask-me-anything: You always wanted to ask a BVB player or club official a question? Say no more – this will be possible in the future. You've never been this close to BVB!     

Do I have to login?

You can use the app without a login, however not all of the features will be available then. In order to use the app in its full extent, we advise you to register for FanID. FanID is your personal single sign on service that is supplied by Liquiditeam our Official Provider of the BVB Fans Int. App.
We are planning on installing the BVB log in the near future.  
If you want to know more about which data will be collected, you will find more information here

What is the difference between the BVB 09 App and the BVB Fans Int. App?

The BVB Fans International App is specifically designed as the new digital home for our international fans, who do not come from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. The app is only available in English.  
Besides BVB news and all information on match days, the BVB Fans Int. App focuses very strongly on BVB’s official fan clubs and thus community building.  

What is the difference between the international website and the BVB Fans Int. App?

The international BVB website offers fans a wide range of information regarding the club, however it does not offer the feeling of a digital community space. For that reason, the BVB Fans Int. app offers not only news, but emphasizes community participation, interaction and networking among app users.  

Where can I…?

Where can I change the language?

The language cannot be changed. The BVB Fans Int. App is only available in English. 

Where can I find other international fan clubs?

Select “Fan Corner” in the app menu and you will be directed to a list of all our official international fan clubs. The clubs are listed in alphabetical order by country.  
You want to add or register your fan club? Please contact  

Where can I find the invitation code?

After the successful registration for FanID (login), the invitation code is sent to you via email.

Where can I find podcasts?

Head over to “News” and select “Podcasts” in the top menu. There you will find all English podcast episodes.  

Where can I interact with the club and spend my BVB-Token?

Select “Interaction” where you will find three ways to interact with us: votings, proposals or via the Ideation Hub.

Where can I find information about the BVB matches?

Select “Match Center” where all matches of BVB’s first team are listed. 

Can I give feedback?

Yes, it is possible and very welcomed. Please use the feedback form in the app. 
Head over to the app menu and select "Feedback”. 
Together with our fans and their feedback we want to constantly evolve the app and create the best possible version for all of them. This beta version of the BVB Fans Int. App is only the start of a newly defined international fan relationship and engagement.  

What should I know about the BVB-Token?

What are BVB-Tokens and what do I use them for?

The BVB-Tokens are digital social items that you can only use within the BVB Fans Int. App to support ideas, content, and comments you enjoy. 
Think of them as blackyellow engagement points. The more tokens you collect, the more you can participate and interact with other fans and BVB.  
Therefore, the BVB-Token can be considered as an engagement token.  

The BVB-tokens cannot be bought nor traded!

You will earn new tokens through active in-app engagement.
For example: You are rewarded 09 tokens everyday if you open the app once on that respective day. You will soon recognize that there are several ways of earning further tokens. We will continuously add new so-called token-trigger and will inform you every time.  

How much does a BVB-Token cost?

The BVB-Token does not cost anything and cannot be purchased with money at all! App users will be able to earn BVB-Tokens trough certain activities and interactions in the BVB Fans Int. app.  

How can I receive a BVB-Token?

You will receive tokens via app engagement. There are plenty of opportunities to fill your token wallet – such as successful app registration and the first opening of the app on the respective day. 

What is a boost?

The boost feature works similarly to a “like” on other social platforms. In contract to those platforms, where you can only like content once, app users can utilize as many of their BVB-Tokens as desired to indicate how much they enjoy and support the content. That way users are able to signal that they not only like several posts, but that they liked one better than the other.
There is also the option to boost content multiple times.
The boost feature works as an upvote in the app’s “Interaction” section. The number of boosts an idea or comment receives from others will influence the order in which they are displayed in the app.
That mechanism allows the fan community to upvote which ideas they like to see implemented and helps the club to work on the right topics to improve their fan experience.

Does the voting feature have any impact on the match day, the stadium experience or the rights of club members?

We want to highlight that none of the interactive features are going to influence or intervene with the familiar procedures on match days, the SIGNAL IDUNA PARK or rights of club members.   

Is the token a Cryptocurrency?

The BVB-Token is in no form or way a Cryptocurrency, nor will it ever be installed as one. The BVB-Token is an engagement token and cannot be traded or transferred into a currency.  

Is the BVB-Token for everyone?

Every fan can use the BVB Fans Int. app and hence the BVB-Token.
Keep in mind that the BVB-Token is only available and only usable within the BVB Fans Int. app.

Where are the limits to the possibility of co-determination?

All topics concerning the stadium and match days, as well as themes concerning the FanRat and the e.V. are absolutely off limits.
There will never be a vote which outcome will affect those. All other topics that can be voted on in the BVB Fans Int. app will be formulated only by Borussia Dortmund. Accordingly, the app will not weaken either the FanRat or the e.V., or any other existing and established fan institution.  

Can I pay with the BVB-Token?

The BVB-Token cannot be traded or transferred into a currency. Therefore, you can’t pay with it at the shop or in the stadium.  

How does the BVB Fans International app differ from the BVB- FanToken app?

During the last six months, we were able to learn a lot by listened particularly carefully to our fans’ requirements and wishes regarding a fan app.  
The new BVB Fans Int. App focuses on our international fans to strengthen their relationship among each other and their relationship with the club.  
We have learned a lot and value their feedback to the greatest extent. The biggest difference is that the BVB-Tokens are no longer available for sale. Additionally, we as BVB, are solely responsible for the operation and the content of the BVB Fans Int. App.  

What happens to my already purchased Token in the BVB-FanToken app?

Please contact
If you are a user of the BVB-FanToken app you will be contacted by Liquiditeam directly.

What is the biggest difference between the BVB-Token and the token of FC Barcelona or Juventus Turin?

The BVB-Token is simply a tool for participating in interactions within the BVB Fans Int. app. The approach of the other clubs offers other opportunities. Here, the token can also be traded as it changes in value. However, this is not the case with the BVB-Token.