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Transformational Technologies

In the course „Transformational Technologies“, created by WHU - Otto Beisheim School and MIT xPRO, a professional education unit within the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), we show how to use the latest technologies to drive the digital transformation in your company and environment. Using fascinating examples from the world of sports in general and previously unpublished insights from the cosmos of BVB only, we explain the relevant fundamentals to the technologies of the 21st century – get ready for a continuing education journey BVB-style!

After successful completion of the program, you will earn a Professional Certificate from WHU and MIT xPRO and 2.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from MIT xPRO.

Key Details

Time Period
Feb 26, 2024 - Apr 02, 2024

25 hours, self-paced


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What you can expect from the course

This unique and asynchronous digital transformation training is designed to help you acquire the relevant tech knowledge for you and your organization and to apply technologies for future processes. Sessions will be delivered in an inspiring way, using insights from the professional sports industry, which can be considered the driving force for social and economic developments.

Additionally, you will receive an exclusive look behind the scenes of Borussia Dortmund and learn how BVB is already applying new technologies in alignment with the club’s tradition and values. You will learn to identify how transformational technologies can become a ground-breaking advantage for your company. The latest insights and valuable tools will help you amplify your impact and secure the future of your organization.

This is a “tech for the non-tech” course, which provides relevant technological knowledge to professionals from various backgrounds. After an introduction to digital transformation technologies, the value proposition of these technologies for distinct stakeholders will be explained. During the course, you will not only deep-dive into physical technologies such as robotics and sensors, but also refine your knowledge of information processing technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Furthermore, you will discover key insights into human interaction technologies such as virtual/augmented reality and web 3.0.


Carsten Cramer
Managing Director
Sebastian Kehl
Sporting Director
Svenja Schlenker
Head of Women’s Football
Prof. Sascha L. Schmidt
Center for Sports & Management (WHU)

Ben Shields
Senior Lecturer in Managerial Communication
Cynthia Breazeal
Professor of Media Arts & Sciences
Chip Engelland
Assistant Coach
(Oklahoma City Thunder)
Sebastian Koppers
Head of Football Research & Innovation
(DFB Academy)


expertise from MIT xPRO, WHU & BVB
individual learning pace
content available anytime and anywhere
official certificate of participation

How the course works

In this 25-hour online course, you will learn from world-class faculty from WHU and MIT via standalone lecture videos, and also apply acquired knowledge via dedicated case studies and several recap sessions.

To conclude, you will transfer key learnings to one potential area of application in your industry or to a specific problem at Borussia Dortmund and pitch your idea against your peers in written style. By the end of this course on digital transformation, you will be equipped with the necessary toolkit to navigate the technology landscape and tackle future economic challenges related to game-changing technologies.


To register for "Transformational Technologies", please follow this link. After entering your name, email address, and completing the payment, you are registered for the course. All necessary information regarding next steps and a confirmation of participation will be sent to you via email before the official course start on February 26, 2024.

After successful payment via Stripe, participants will receive an official invoice from WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management by e-mail within 1-2 working days. Also within 1-2 working days after receipt of payment, participants will receive their access data for the course via a separate e-mail from MIT xPRO. This access data enables participants to register on the platform. The platform will be activated on February 26, 2024.

No prior knowledge is required to take part in the course, the content is transferable to any industry.

"Transformational Technologies" is offered via the state-of-the-art digital learning platform of MIT xPRO and explains the relevant fundamentals of 21st century technologies via exciting examples from the fascinating world of sport in general and the cosmos of BVB in particular only. The course is based on a distinctive "edutainment" format. This means content is conveyed via a variety of short videos lasting 6-7 minutes, case studies, smaller exercises, reflection tasks and a final, approximately 5-hour project on the application of technologies in a context of the participants' choice.

The course is divided into five independent modules, requiring approximately 25 hours to complete. The course spans a total of five weeks, which corresponds to an average time commitment of five hours per week. In week 1 of the course, you will get an overview of 'Transformational Technologies' and learn how to classify novel technologies of the 21st century. The following three weeks cover the topics 'Physical Technologies' (e.g., robotics), 'Information Processing Technologies' (e.g., artificial intelligence), and 'Human Interaction Technologies' (e.g., metaverse). In the final week you will transfer the course’s key learnings to one potential area of application of your choice – be it in your professional or personal environment or BVB-specific. Finally, you will obtain an outlook on the expected technological developments of the upcoming years.

The course conveys all the relevant fundamentals about the latest technologies via easily understandable examples from the fascinating world of sports in general and the BVB cosmos in particular. A special focus is placed on how Borussia Dortmund manages the balance between tradition and innovation, a necessity when working with cutting-edge technologies.

The course allows all BVB fans to get to know their favorite club in a novel way and to take a look behind the scenes. Moreover, the course, with its unique edutainment character, offers the opportunity to reach and impart relevant knowledge to those who have so far been less actively engaged with new technologies.

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