Government policies to restrict the spread of Covid-19 have meant that we haven't been able to hold courses over the past few weeks. You'll be glad to hear we've been making good use of the spare time to prepare for our eventual return!

The home play course videos we've been releasing from between four walls have no doubt helped you become maestros with a ball at your feet. We'll be continuing to release videos to keep you on your toes until you can get back out on the pitch! Each week, we'll be sharing a new exercise to help hone your skills. The positive feedback we've been receiving has convinced us to keep making these videos once everything is back to normal after Coronavirus. Take a look at the videos, grab a ball and you're ready to go! Just make sure to look out for your mum's favourite vase!

As things stand at the moment, we should be back on the pitch with you from 15 June onward - with a specially-developed hygiene plan in place.  The pitch - in perfect condition. The footballs - pumped up and ready to be kicked. The team of coaches - excited to train a new class of full-throttle football players! In order to make sure you and your child are well prepared for the start of the course, we will get in touch with you a few days before your booked course to share details of the hygiene plan and the rules of conduct on and off the pitch.

We will also be sending out emails to inform all participants, whose courses cannot take place as planned, about alternative arrangements. We're staying on the ball for you!

Together we are a team!