BVB will face PSV Eindhoven at the Philips Stadium at 21:00 CET on Tuesday. Around 1,700 BVB fans will support the team on site. We recommend that all travelling BVB supporters read the fan info summarised below before making the trip in order to avoid problems on the day of the game.


Arrival by car

  • BVB fans can park in the "Langs het spoor" car park. Parking there will be free of charge from 11:00 CET onwards upon presentation of a valid match ticket.
  • The address for your SatNav is: Philitelaan 71 in Eindhoven. 
  • It is a 10-minute walk to the stadium from the car park.

Arrival by minibus

  • Minibuses can also park at the "Langs het spoor" multi-storey car park. 
  • Minibuses that do not fit into the multi-storey car park due to the height of the vehicle are to drive around the car park and park on a grass verge behind it. Instructions will be issued on site.

Arrival by bus

  • Buses can park in the PSV-Laan directly at the away entrance from 11:00 CET on matchday.
  • Access is via the Vonderweg.

Arrival by train

  • The stadium is a 15-minute walk from Eindhoven train station.

Meeting point

PSV Eindhoven recommend the market in Eindhoven as a meeting point for all BVB fans who travel to Eindhoven early on matchday. The stadium can be reached on foot in around 15 minutes from there.

Please note that it is forbidden to carry and drink alcohol in Eindhoven.


  • The away sector at the stadium opens 120 minutes before kick-off. 
  • Away fans can reach the away sector via the road "PSV-Laan". From there, access to the away block is through a gate on the pavement via two turnstiles.
  • Please note that away fans who can be clearly identified as such are not permitted in the home sectors.

The following fan paraphernalia is permitted:

  • 2 megaphones
  • 4 drums
  • Large swivel flags (pole length up to 1.5 metres)
  • Small flags (pole length up to 1.5 metres)
  • Double-holders
  • Fence flags

Please note that a B1 certificate is required for flags of any kind as well as for fence flags. This must be presented at the entrance.

Forbidden paraphernalia:

  • Large swivel flags (pole length over 2m)
  • Pyrotechnics

Please note that there is a ban on wearing face coverings in Eindhoven city centre as well as at the stadium.

Permitted items:

  • Bags and rucksacks (max. size up to DIN-A4)
  • Power banks

Forbidden items:

  • Bags and rucksacks above DIN-A4 size
  • Professional photography devices and cameras
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Bottles and cans of any kind
  • Umbrellas

There is no drop-off point for bags and rucksacks at the stadium.  

At the stadium

  • The away sector is located in blocks MM and MMA.
  • As is usually the case for international matches, the principle of free seating applies within the seated blocks. If the seat shown on your ticket is occupied, there will certainly be some free seats in other areas of the away sector.
  • Smoking is not permitted throughout the entire stadium.
  • Please note that food and drinks may not be taken into the stands. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is only permitted in the stadium concourse.
  • Visibly drunk persons may be denied entry to the stadium.
  • At the stadium, it is only possible to pay in cashless form by bank card.
  • Depending on the situation, there may be a block closure after the game.

Info for a barrier-free stadium visit

  • The entrance for wheelchair users is located at Gate 5 in the south-west of the stadium.
  • The places for wheelchair users are located in front of blocks H and J.
  • There is a drop-off zone in front of Gate 7. Wheelchair users can get out of their car or minibus there; the accompanying person can then park the vehicle in the aforementioned car park and walk to the stadium.

Contact on site

Fan representatives Nicole Strothmüller (+49 170 7767327), Johannes Bagus (+49 151 67576467) and Benedikt Watermeier (+49 170 2285155) as well as Florian Hansing, Janina Fuhr and Laura Brand from Fan-Projekt Dortmund e.V. will be your contact points on site in Eindhoven.