The second edition of the Borussia Dortmund fan event "Sach doch ma! - Fans fragen, Spieler antworten" (Go on, tell us! - Fans ask, players answer) took place Tuesday evening. In attendance were the BVB duo of Julian Weigl and Nico Schulz, who fielded questions from spectators live at the stadium and fans watching at home via a social network or a live stream.

For the latest fan day – the 13th that BVB has organised since starting in 2015 – Julian Weigl and Nico Schulz took their place on a podium in the vicinity of the North Stand at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK in front of around 100 spectators. The questions were asked by either those attending the event live or those who remained at home and watched on social media – and they were rewarded with a colourful mixture of personal anecdotes and sporting revelations.

"As a child, I was always a fan of Inter Milan because my father, who is Italian, was a huge Inter fan," explained new signing Schulz of his childhood at the outset. So it was always going to be a special game for him when Dortmund travel away to the Serie A club in the Champions League next week. "But knowing my father, he'll have his fingers crossed for me and us," said the left-back. In Julian Weigl's family, however, the favourite club was not quite so clear-cut. "It was a battle between my father and my uncle. One of them was a Bayern fan and the other supported 1860. In the end, I went for 1860," explained Weigl, prompting another round of applause from the live audience.

The event, which was organised by the BVB Fan Department and the BVB Fan Representatives, also unsurprisingly involved questions about the current sporting situation. "We're obviously not entirely satisfied with the results from our recent matches," said Weigl, adding: "What's important is that we now show a response as soon as possible. The 24-year-old went on to state that all is not lost given that they only trail the league leaders by four points. His opinion was shared by Nico Schulz, whose personal objective is to work his way back into the matchday squad as quickly as possible having recently spent several weeks on the sidelines injured. He has an additional motivation for his comeback, too. "It was incredible running out in front of the South Stand for the first time as a Black & Yellow. That unrivalled atmosphere gives you an enormous push."

His team-mate Julian Weigl, meanwhile, underlined his desire to pick up another victory in the Ruhr derby in a week and a half. "My first victory with BVB in the derby," was Weigl's ready answer to being asked what was his favourite match of his career. "It something you need to have experienced directly to understand what huge significance the clash has for the region," he added, prompting the excitement levels to increase ahead of the next derby on the last weekend of October. All in all, it was a highly successful evening for the BVB Fan Representatives, the two senior players and the numerous spectators watching live and at home.

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