The Borussia players were unanimous when they gave their view on the game. Sebastian Rode and Felix Passlack spoke about a good performance, but they also spoke about what they missed out on, "scoring a goal". The reactions to the game.

Sebastian Rode: „we played very well, but we missed the chance to score a goal and when it came to those situations we did not hold our nerve. We can take a lot of positives from this performance. We managed to pin Bayern back in their own half. It was an incredible feeling to walk out into this stadium."

Felix Passlack: „we played well especially in the first half and that is when we should have scored a goal. Then you could tell how clever Bayern is. They were more efficient in the way they played. In regards to the situation with Ribery: you would have been red carded for that in the Bundesliga. I already played at right and left back when I played youth football. So this position is not so new for me; I feel comfortable in that position." (br)