Borussia Dortmund came away from their clash with Chelsea as 1-0 winners. After the final whistle, Edin Terzic, Karim Adeyemi, Emre Can and Gregor Kobel shared their perspectives on the game. Here are the match reactions.

Edin Terzic (to DAZN): ''In the end there was a bit of luck involved, not to mention a great performance from our goalkeeper. In the final stages in particular, Chelsea were really dominant, they had a lot of the ball in the final third. It became harder and harder for us to hold our nerve in defence. But we also had a few opportunities here and there to hit them on the counter. We did a good job at winning the ball, but too often we weren't able to keep a hold of it for long. We'll do whatever it takes, and we won't feel apologetic for beating Chelsea at home in the last 16. They have unbelievable quality up front. It was really impressive how Joao Felix operated between the lines and his teammates were always able to thread passes to him. But we know one thing for sure: whenever the going gets tough, we can count on Gregor Kobel. There were a few times, particularly in the first half, that we managed to play our way through them. So there are a lot of good things to take from tonight, and best of all is the win.''

Karim Adeyemi (to BVB-TV): ''It wasn't easy, but the win is important. It was incredible with these fans today. They give me goosebumps every time.''

Emre Can (to DAZN): ''It was a difficult game, and a fortunate win. It wasn't our best performance. But we fought hard and proved that we always have each other's back. Hard work always gets rewarded in the end. There are a few things that we'll have to and we will do better in the second leg.''

Gregor Kobel (to BVB-TV): ''Chelsea played very well in the second half. We held firm, but we didn't have the same power as we've had in our recent games. At the end of the day it was a win of the will.''