The BVB Foundation "leuchte auf" ("light up") was presented with the KIND Award 2019 on Saturday as part of the 15th Kinderlachen (Children's Laughter) Gala in the Westfalenhalle. Kinderlachen is a non-profit organisation that has been looking after the interests of children and youngsters for many years. “leuchte auf” was distinguished by Kinderlachen in the category "Organization" for its social commitment.

"We are delighted to have been honoured by an organization that we pay the utmost respect to. It is remarkable what Kinderlachen has built up in recent years, so it’s even more rewarding that such an institution appreciates our social commitment," said Borussia Dortmund’s managing director Carsten Cramer.

Numerous celebrities have been distinguished with the KIND Award over the past 15 years by the Kinderlachen organisation founded in 2002 in Dortmund: actor Til Schweiger, singer Peter Maffay, song writer Hermann van Veen, star swimmer Franziska van Almsick, boxing world champion Henry Maske and the long-time BVB player Neven Subotic - to name just a few. They were all honoured for their outstanding commitment to the interests of children. Joining this illustrious circle in 2019 are the comic legend Otto Waalkes, ski star Felix Neureuther, actor Dirk Heinrichs and the BVB Foundation "leuchte auf". They were also honoured at the gala hosted by comedian Matze Knop and actress Lisa Loch. As part of the gala event, the traditional auction of rarities and collectors’ items owned by celebrities also took place. The total proceeds of €708,414.44 will go to advance Kinderlachen’s work.

"The quality of a football club is reflected in how it lives up to its social responsibilities!" This sentence originally came from Franz Jacobi, the founding father of Borussia Dortmund. It is his legacy and at the same time the motto of BVB. By founding "leuchte auf" in 2012, Borussia Dortmund gave this commitment a platform. After seven years, its record is impressive: to date "leuchte auf" has promoted 158 projects, supporting with more than €1.14 million. There were 28 projects in 2018/19 alone, with a volume of almost €300,000. To this end, the foundation has supported 1,300 institutions with materials and donations – and all that at an administrative cost share of less than five percent.

"The subjects of education, diversity, health and voluntary work form the basis of the work of “leuchte auf.' Borussia Dortmund has been consistently and actively committed to important social issues for many years," praised Kinderlachen founders Christian Vosseler and Marc Peine. "The club thinks and acts beyond the borders of football and tackles issues when things can be improved."

A wonderful compliment, which BVB founder Franz Jacobi would have undoubtedly enjoyed.